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Only a few weeks is the issue “Design Mens’ magazine INFORM-design, craft, design date, in which we present to the public a very special design lamp. As Design Lighting Shop design place was invited Edition contribute a product that mainly a suggested: masculinity. Long we had to think about what a male design lamp exactly is and like us, it was apparently also the magazine’s editors INFORM. Ultimately, however, we found a design, which you can actually abgewinnen something archaic. We have recently introduced the masculine design product on our Facebook profile quite clearly present in its most essential characteristic. How do we justify our choice of male design lamp, you read in this paper the design place blogs or the next time you visit our Berlin showroom where the latest print issue of INFORM lies ready for you.

INFORM magazine: Design for Men
Ambivalent ending concludes the INFORM editors Regina Claus and Björn Barg, begin the preface to the edition “Design For Men” with the clear words of historian John Tosh. Him to find masculinity in our latitudes “in three arenas instead of […]: at home, at work and in all-male societies.” This statement is no longer sustain them by the authors, but they share the observation that especially industries that luxury and lifestyle promise go for the reconquest of male values. So the INFORM editorial concludes its opening words from the fact that it relates to the sausage in principle; all have something to do with machines, crafts and superlatives. “That’s men’s design. If the men’s design? ”

Design luminaire for Men From The Lighting Online Store Design Place
The search, according to the most masculine design lamp in range of our lamps online shops, actually came to a conclusion that we announce in the magazine INFORM under the heading “archaic lights”:

Archaic lamps light-one of the most important phenomena of our culture, with it, the pendant lamp Nyta Tilt attempts to reconnect. To date, the nature of light is inexplicable, appears as diffuse something before our eyes and spreads inexorably in the atmosphere. The designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller of Nyta put the unbridled driving the light with its shapely design lamp Tilt now at an end. The screen of the pendant lamp Tilt has not only light in his place, but also before its lighting direction. As a shell juts the metal shield on the light beams and opens this the way out. Soft and generous, the light output, which is sent there in wortwörtlichem below, where it is desired. Intuitively allows the phosphor screen along a long slit move in all directions and thus control the light. A self-fixing suspension made ​​of stainless steel, on the screen is connected to the light sources, makes this possible. Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller introduce yourself with the design lamp Tilt as true industrial designer. True to the motto: “Form Follows Function” they created with Tilt a light, very archaic hand must be applied to the, you want her to fully exploit potential.”

More Masculine Luminaire Designs At Design Place Light + Lighting
Very different reasons would be one or the other custom lamp from the Lighting Online Store design place to call archaic or male. The expertly designed lights of the New Zealand Studios David Trubridge Design for example, the construction of which is borrowed from the Schiffsbauerei. Here the professional history of the designer is expressed, because his background as a ship designer brings David Trubridge into the design concept of each design lamp with a.For us as a customer, this means that ultimately no final assembled lamps come into the house, but Numerous bamboo veneers that we each make as boat building piece by piece. The Ecodesign this Wooden lamps seems to feminine and natural, but the obvious connection units can not deny a slightly masculine touch. The picture shows is wooden lamp Coral by David Trubridge Design .

Also Design Lamp Shade Lamp by Mater Design convinces with masculine characteristics. The smooth surface of the metal hemisphere is their very opposing supplement at the bottom. Countless small hammer this is studded and decorates the hanging lamp in this way with a charming contrast.

Another design lamp, which we assume masculinity is glass lamp Say My Name by Northern Lighting. Modern Scandinavian design and traditional Italian glass art come together in this powerful light object. The hand-blown glass is produced in Venetian production, which is relied until now on the production method from pre-Christian.

Which design lamp from the lamps online shop design place you would confer the title “Men Art”? Tells us know!