Lady Fashion Color Trend 2016

After some very striking stamping, fashion neon and much fabric to draw attention even in low light, we enter a lull in the colors of feminine fashion. If the summer asking open and bright colors like neon green and fabrics transpire prominently in black light, we now have a period of being discreet, more closed, even in bright colors in summer. The colors of women’s fashion in 2016 are more closed, but no more.

For summer and winter 2016 bet on white as the color of the moment. The classic color for brides here to stay when it comes to dresses, blouses and skirts. White dresses with jobs and income details in tulle are the latest color trend in women’s fashion 2016 and the feeling of the moment. For the bold, the better: you can transparency. Showing or not Tanks bra, show a top or embroidered underneath in lighter fabrics is pure fashion trend and combines with almost everything.

Speaking of solid colors to the fad of the next few months, we have the light blue as color for summer and bet for the winter, at least according to the latest shows of Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Almost baby blue tint appeared in more than a parade of fashionistas famous, showing that is here to stay. Invest in long dresses, shorts, blouses and skirts, mainly because it is a timeless color when it comes to summer fashion. Every year it is on the agenda, sometimes more and sometimes less. The dark blue and more closed barely appeared on the catwalk, except in stamping.

Want a new and solid color to invest in shoes and accessories? Beige is the flavor of the month. The cream – colored, almost nude, walk in the windows of the big brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and the like. Popular as Moleca , Vizzano and similar sales in the domestic market have made ​​their bets on beige sandals or similar colors. The light beige and brown with black and white or beige with black tips are accessories with trendy colors as well.

Prints in Color Women’s Fashion 2016

Animal print pattern goes down, but you can use some tones even as the leopard and zebra print in their original colors but hesitate unique pieces with these colors. Stay with a blouse, maybe a top but no more than that. The more discreet for your print thinking of a pure wardrobe fashion trend, the better.

Forget large drawings. The fashion now is minimalist graphics in dresses and accessories. Flowers can, especially in the spring summer fashion 2015 but with discreet touches, always designs with up to two centimeters wide. Enter the picture again vertical stripes, leaving some horizontal and pure 80 side. Poas, retro fashion, are also off the agenda.