Joy with Blazer

There is a very strange idea on jackets. It would be a stiff garment, almost synonymous with the Office coercion and lack of inspiration. It is clearly evident that the Swedish kavajmentaliteten must die.

It is possible to identify three key factors why the fear of jackets is so great. The first point is about how the jacket shall sit. There are thousands of confusing Rules about proper sleeve length and width of the jacket’s shoulders. It may seem to those who slavishly follow all these rules will reach perfection. The truth is often the reverse. To understand how a jacket to sit is rather that to appreciate good wine. It takes time to understand and discover what appeals to one’s own taste. There are no universal rules, but it is a deeper understanding. If to take the time to appreciate.

The second point spinner ahead a little on the subject of rules, but rather the respect that exists for the Blazers when it comes to combinations.Many people choose to totally cut t-shirt or sneakers to the Blazer. This is to make it all too easy for itself. Everything is about how it is done. A straight jacket that’s meant to suit with shirt and tie may not suit to t-shirt, but a slightly shorter model with a slim silhouette can absolutely do it. The important thing is not to dismiss something without giving it a chance and look beyond the bad examples.

The last point and perhaps the worst is the Swedish kavajmentalitet. The Swede’s kavajvanor summed up the simplest of black and dark gray wool.Not infrequently with a total absence of joy for the garment, which leads to an uncomfortable impression. More and more people need to realize that kavajutbudet is extends much further. Those who dare to take the step from formal ullkavajer for available cotton or linnekavajer will see a whole new world open up. The step from a spring jacket and unlined bomullskavaj is actually rarely very far, either in herrekiperaren or mentally.