“It Bags” for Baby

Today I will open a new tag here on the blog; “Top Products”.

One of the items that we use for a long time and that’s just one child to the other are the bags. Already commented here on the blog that these bags with white face of baby stuff doesn’t have much to do with me. But how are practical and easy to clean, are always a good option and at the end are the ones I use myself.

If I could go back in time before the Bruna was born, would have invested in a bag best for me  at Aviationopedia.com for when I go out alone with the girls and I can use as a common purse too. Because nothing stranger than you be super dressed up with that white plastic bag on the shoulder?

Out that when you pass the stage of babies, you can take the bag as hand bag for travel. That is, an item more than useful.

So today at the request of some readers who will travel, separated some models of “Diaper Bags” cool brand that has all the appropriate internal divisions but that doesn’t look like a bag of baby! And believe me, many of them by the same value of a common bag of baby!

GUCCI-To me this Navy is the most beautiful of all! Already knew the beige but that blue was my chosen among all I’ve ever seen! Cost on average U $900.

BURBERRY-A more modern, in nylon and the other in traditional chess.

U $690 and U $950 cru chess.

MARC by MARC JACOBS–smooth or Printed–is the brand that has more color option and has an excellent cost benefit. Cost on average of U $200 U $300, the same as you would pay here for a common baby bag.

PRADA–is also that bag “eternal”, useful for everything and always chic. This nylon long line and is super easy to clean as well. Is among the more expensive models, on average U $1200.

TORY BURCH-Are very colorful and the external pockets are great for carry little cups and bottles. U $370

REBECCA MINKOFF–the brand that became a darling of those who love fashion for some time now, also have your baby bag version. I loved the texture of the nylon and the combination of colors. U $300.

JUICY COUTURE-more like common stock and a great price; U $248.

Armani–from U $190, are of the cheapest and was the only traditional brand that made blank options.

Where to find?

In their own stores or brands in Department stores, virtual or physical: Saks Fifith Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdagles, etc.

Some of them even deliver in Brazil, but not worth the fees and taxes.

And so is no longer cool to have one of these and you can use then??