Is The Nokia 6 a Bargain?

The Nokia 6 in the edgy metal dress could be a real Smart phone bargain for 250 euro. Whether that is actually so or in a high-quality housing is only cheap technology, has tested.

The HMD global was founded in December 2016, to start a comeback of Nokia smart phones. In contrast to many other large old brands, where only the name for cheap Chinese mass-produced was cannibalized, former Nokia employees were the trademark and licensing rights are in this case, to take a reboot with Android smart phones. For this they joined with the Taiwanese group Foxconn, which manufactures the devices. The Nokia 6 in January then was the first product of the collaboration, but a long time it was available only in China. Only now has the device together with the Nokia featured in the March 3 and the Nokia 5 on the European market. has tested what the stragglers I got.

Edgy Aluminium Housing

The Nokia 6 is the most expensive and best equipped unit of the Finnish trio for 250 euro. It makes a very solid impression by an edgy, machined from a block of aluminium housing and a very good workmanship. However, does it also something not and by far not as pleasant lies in the hand like the rounded Nokia 5.

The display is 5.5 inches tall and in full HD, resolves which ppi is enough for a sharp pixel density of 403. The screen can glow brightly enough to be legible on a sunny day in the open air. But the automatic adjustment there is something too much time often and the display has a slight green tint. As the screen can be but well see.

As the 5 series model, also the Nokia 6 by Qualcomm’s middle-class chip is powered Snapdragon 430.However, 3 instead of 2 gigabytes of memory, are the processor as the larger device which is sometimes noticeable if the Smartphone is claimed more. Otherwise, is also the Nokia 6 not a racehorse, can survive but well everyday. The internal memory is 32 gigabytes in size and can be supplemented with microSD cards. Unfortunately, there is no extra slot for it like in the Nokia 5, the machine swallows therefore no second SIM card.

Camera And Endurance Are OK

The battery has a capacity of 3000 mah.He is not quite as durable as the smaller Nokia, which probably is due to the higher display resolution.Nevertheless he last longer than a day with average use. The battery is empty, you have to be patient, because there is no quick charge function. You missed this rather than a USB-C connector, the HMD has replaced globally with a stale-and cheaper – micro-USB input.

The 16-Megapixel camera on the back is okay, in good light conditions you can make the high resolution detailed images. Also the colors and contrast are good. In lower light, the many mega pixels on a small sensor interrupt but faster each other as low resolution cameras, resulting in a strong noise. Nokia attempts to hide this what comes at the expense of the details but apparently by strong blur. In addition, the camera can be sometimes a bit long time before it is ready to fire. All in all quite useful is the camera for the 250-euro class-this also applies to the Selfie snapping on the front, which produces images with 8 megapixels.

Pure Android Makes The Difference

It is still worth noting that the phone has two speakers and provides a pretty good stereo sound. Ultimately, the Nokia 6 is only a good mid-range Smart phone with standard in the 250-euro class. Looking at the hardware, alone among other things that hashonor 6 X the nose front. But as for the other new Finland smart phones the unadulterated Android makes all the difference, which is not even 12 gigabytes in size with all the pre-installed apps. The Nokia 6 is equipped with the latest version 7.1.1 of the operating system, the security patch comes from June. And HMD global promises that the Smart phone “remains thanks to regular software updates to date.” That is not the case with other cheap phones mostly. Who does not have to look at the change, should wait but maybe still a little, because soon HMD will introduce global its first high-end Smart phone with the Nokia 8.