Invitation to Wear Parts and Get out in the Sand

Democracy is the word that dominates the vocabulary of the beach, the pool or the resorts this summer. At least if it depends on the avalanche of models of bikinis, swimsuits and exits in the season and that promises to color the approaching Carnival.

“If some time ago the models ended up being similar and it was difficult to perceive differences in the costumes of the people when we went to the beach or to the swimming pool, today there is an infinity of materials, prints, textures, details”, reiterates Cris Alves, consultant of style and image folks. For her, trends “can give a direction, but each person owes the option with which they feel comfortable, because there are alternatives for every type of body, style and occasion.”

The fashion director of Fashion Snoops (bureau of trends created in New York), Camila Toledo, shares the same opinion. “The amount of models and shapes of swimsuits and bikinis makes the Brazilian choose what makes her more comfortable.”
And the best, with the growth of bikinis and double-sided swimsuits, with prints and colors talking to each other, “the woman takes a bikini to the beach, but has six ways to match the pieces.”

Retro Wave

With so many models available on the market, one particular aspect draws attention to: wager on larger bikinis, with bras that mimic sporty or inspirational tops on the cropped model (smaller size blouse that leaves part of the belly out). The same applies to panties. With a higher waistline and a very wide side, the hot pants, which until recently were a source of disgust for most women, gain support. “Some even come with belts to make the look more charming. Those who do not have a well-marked waist (rectangular body) or have this region of the body wider than the others (oval body) should avoid the excess of information in the area not to expand it visually, “says Cris Alves, editor of

Stylist Tetê Vasconcelos, from TT Beachwear, points to the cropped as the main novelty of summer 2016. “It is surprising because the Brazilian is very attached to the marquinha bikini and is adhering to cropped,” adds the stylist who created three models of bra in the bikini. style. The pieces are in jacquard for the Deep Sea collection of summer 2016 from TT. “The fabric made in the machined process has the embossed pattern embossed and bas-relief. This aspect allows the piece to go both in casual fashion and on the beach, “says Tetê, adding that the crop has come to stay.
The influence of casual fashion on the beach segment and vice versa has become a constant. Camila Toledo reminds us that the swimsuit / body is a key piece to compose nocturnal looks like lunches by the sea.

“The deep V neckline leaves the sexy look and the larger panties, in the mold of a hot pant, maintains comfort. Another novelty is the tummy-toss that can be worn with a long skirt or shorts, “says Camila.

For Cris, long-sleeved swimsuits please those who are definitely not afraid to dare and enjoy fashion information in everything they wear.

Aspects That Stand

Prints and unique patterns are always considered essential elements to ensure the success of beachwear outfit. Strong color blends, geometric and ethnic stamping, as well as organic references such as flowers and landscapes make up the main stakes this summer, according to Cris Alves.

Beside this, details such as frills, fringes and handmade elements add value to the beachwear, recreating the piece with single tarimba. “The macramé often appears in punctual details, like the upper part of the swimsuit, leaving the neckline leaked. The waist bands also appeared in the swimsuits, the same color as the piece, and the result is very elegant. Every detail calls attention, so it should be used strategically to highlight the positives and shift the look to them, “says Cris Alves.
The techniques of crochet and macramé, according to Camila Toledo, rescue references of the highly desirable bohemian style in beachwear. Another technique explored is knitting. “The difference is in wire technology. Knit with waterproof or elastane braided as knitting makes the clothes comfortable and practical, “says Camila.

At the Água de Coco brand, the highlight of the summer 2016 catwalk of São Paulo Fashion Week is the richness of the landscapes of Ceará in meticulous details created by artisans from various communities in the state. The seams of bikinis and swimsuits resemble the spines of the cacti. In the straw block with coconut, the embroidery rechilieu, handmade in the linen, appears in greenish tones and mixes to the prints of coconut trees.

The technology, which allows high water absorption and sweat, soft touch and greater durability and resistance to agents like chlorine and salt, also develops fabrics with diverse textures. At TT Beachwear, the range of differentiated covers highlights the angora that resembles wet velvet and luxurious luster, and the delicate luxe tulle with transparency.

Another welcome surprise in beach fashion is the appropriation of lingerie elements, leaving the piece sexier. Strategic cuts, tulle applications creating optical illusion and interesting effects, plus straps like those of Strappy Bra bras are new. Camila Toledo warns that seamless bikinis (such as lingerie) are promises for summer 2017.