Incredible Costume For the Halloween Party

Hi friend, how are you? In this new article, I will show you a list of very original and fun costumes for the holiday of Halloween or also known as Halloween. If any of the costumes that will show you immediately put take you can draw the attention of everyone attending the party.

Female Skeleton Costume

This female skeleton costume is perfect for women who want to look sexy and beautiful in the Halloween party as described in outfit types. Therefore consists of a blouse type corset that pretends a skeleton and a skirt with flight well cortita.

Mad Hatter Costume

If you are fan number of Alice in the Wonderland country, this costume is perfect for you. Because it consists of a dark blue bag, a pink miniskirt, a colorful leggings and a yellow tie. Especially this costume I like very much because it seems to me to be very funny.

Mario Bros Princess Costume

Mario Bros Princess costume may seem a classic costume for the night of the witches, but the truth which is not, rather it is very original and modern. Because it consists of a long coloured dress Fuchsia and pink stick.

Fiona Costume

If you enjoy the film of Shrek then you could dress up in Halloween of Fiona Warrior. It is a fun costume that consists of a short top and a miniskirt in green boxes.

Princess Leia Costume

This costume is perfect for women who want to look sexy and original at the same time. Because it consists of a long dress wrapped in white with neck, long sleeves and opening in the right leg.

Lady Gaga Costume

If you’re a fan number one of the singer Lady Gaga this costume is excellent for you, because with this costume you’ll feel like it. This costume consists of a short asymmetrical dress in black and white.

Queen of Hearts Costume

I’m still with the fans of Alice in the Wonderland, if you don’t like this Mad Hatter costume then I am sure that you will love. Because it consists of a long dress with hearts.

Avatar Costume

There will be no more original and sexy than the Avatar costume for Halloween. I assure you that with this costume you can win any competition at any Halloween that you go. To my I especially really like because it is sensational.

Marge Simpson Costume

Marge Simpson costume will help you draw attention in any Halloween that you go. Because it consists of a dress with strapless neckline in green, red shoes and blue wig.

What do you think of these Halloween costumes? What you disfrazarías on Halloween? Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts at the bottom which is important to me. See you in the next article.

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