Ikea Spöka Night Light

I am a light. Of the back burner of my daughter, when comes the black night. (Oooooh the play on words too bright!) (Ahem.)

Ikea Spöka Night Light

  • How I’m too light.

Ikea is a pervasive. And I’m a total Nincompoop totally caught. The Swedish brand has thought of everything with his arrow career “almost imposed” through all the rays of its stores.

With Mister, we went to Ikea to buy a ceiling light for our daughter’s room. For that. Initially. We crossed the worlds meublesques, lingesques, babiolesques and other areas of all kinds to finally get to the child universe. A mini-paradis. We left with the lamp, of course, but also bulbs that go with, a funny drying Octopus, small storage boxes well practices, a basket beautifully beautiful fabric, colorful mini-cintres a Spöka night light. It’s the fault of Mr for night light. In reality, it’s him the simpleton. But a simpleton who has seen all good.

  • How did sparks.

There are two models of light choice:

Unlike their ancestors less pretty, they light of full-color, it’s magic. A long reflection to decide which one to adopt. Finally, we more cracked to look astonished, stunned, nicely fool of the blue night light for air asleep, scowling red night light.

Spöka is a friendly ghost. It was designed for young kids (but adults also have the right to crack to his face).

It does not weigh very heavy unlike other lights. And so, if the child made mumuse with Spöka, throws the head of angry MOM or dad, or just drop on his feet without meaning to, is not very heavy. But it’s still wrong!

The body of Spöka is polypropylene, silicone head, and the touches of color in silicone resin. No toxic risk so, if the piece put in the mouth: beh vi, the poly-machin thing is non-toxic. But it’s not bad, huh!

In addition, these materials make a night light both flexible and strong. The little ghost is far from dying (huhu, the joke!) after a few falls. It’s tough stuff, good story keep everything small rechargeable battery and electrical components in within himself (this is the presence of these components which in fact that normally the night-light is recommended from the age of 3). But he would rather stay on his feet – Finally, on its flat foot-anyway huh!

Msieur Ikea sells such night lights with small ghosts at the price of € 12.95. In the meantime, we informed and enrolled in the Ikea Family program. Thanks to the loyalty card, we saw in the store that we could have it at 8 or €9 (and the ppet) (blank). Oddly, this discount does not appear on the website.

  • And there was light.

Spöka is a magic night light that obeys the finger and the eye, but especially on the finger. And Yes:

  • You press once her little head and the friendly ghost regularly changes color alone: a shot turquoise, then dark blue, and Green pétouille, then turquoise, then… (Yes, it’s still in the cold corridors because it’s the blue model. Yes, you’re smart and you guessed that so the Red model lights differently.)
  • You press a second time and how it fixed the chosen color.
  • You push a third time, and Spöka turns off.

The manipulations are all smoothly, there is really no need to be a bully.At the same time, there is not a whole little itty bitty to activate button, soa child can do it himself. In addition, Spöka is super hard. It is stated that the pilot light lights up for 4 to 5 hours with a fully charged battery.We have fallen across a good number, since ours is going well beyond the 5 hours displayed. You turn the little Critter by sleeping baby, and found still on when we’re going to get her.

Spöka is made of a soft material under the fingers, with a velvet rendering, very pleasant to the touch. A pat on his head or on his body which does not heat, and we almost feel better.

Good, on the other hand, the pilot light illuminates a little strong for now. ” For now “, because I was assured that with time the light will be less intense. She is still very far from assaulting the eyes, but Dad would rather place it behind a stuffed animal to mitigate somewhat the brightness. Some colors are still less aggressive than others.

The friendly Ghost is a portable Nightlight: it can be disconnected and then she remains autonomous. Thus, it can be placed in the bed of baby or child, as on a shelf not far. She lights up perfectly in complete darkness (tested by me) and allows to find her way to a switch. The Lady Spöka lies in his bed and as soon as you turn it on, baby turns his head and looks at her with his big blue eyes. It then takes the opportunity to escape to no mice. But it doesn’t work every time. Heck. It does not always Spöka.

The small night light is now ready to travel in the room, but also to do more long trips. Quickly slipped into his pretty wrap in white cloth in which it was sold, it just as quickly found its place in the suitcase.

In case it would be an unfit parent, (it happened to us to us!) (no no, never!) (or almost never) in case we would have forgotten to reload Spöka, simply just to find a plug less than 1.85 meter of the bed and push the cable in the small buttocks of the beast (true!). But this isn’t because Spöka is nice to do things: no cables to reach of baby huh!

Spöka is not eternal. Unfortunately. The LEDs do not replace and last for about 50,000 hours. Finally, it is what is advertised, because I can’t really check it out. It’s still 2083,333… days. With more than 5 years, almost 6 even. Leaving it on 24 hours a day huh. Makes nights and nights… I wonder if the rechargeable battery in the inside of him would not melt before loupiotte release.

  • We recapepete.
  • Sparks:

-Multi or mono color, choice,
-Do not heat,
-Lasts for hours,