Ideas for Decorating the Christmas Table Golden

This week I decided to take advantage of that it’s almost Christmas (YAY!) to shoot 3 super special tables for you and help you lack ideas for decorating! Wanted to do 3 very different proposals: a super chic in Golden tones to a more formal Christmas dinner, another more traditional in the colors red and green for a family dinner and finally, a child theme for those who have many children.

For the challenge, I invited the Bia Koffes (mother of one of my best friends from childhood and life) she now joined the branch definitely. For those not familiar, the Bia Koffes set up a workshop where they sell various beautiful parts of the House, from door to napkins plates, ornaments, vases, sousplats … One thing more beautiful than the other.

In fact, aunt Bia has always had very good taste and now decided to invest in your talent. I must say that I am a big fan! In fact, I have several pieces of her home, including Christmas and so believed she could do exactly what I was looking for!

Well, in this first table, the idea from is decorating chic Christmas for the people who will receive friends and family at home in a super chicparty. The base is gold and white and the rest, well … You will check?! Loved the result!

Oh, do not miss, in the next few posts I will show the other two tables. Come on?!