Ideas and Trends for Fall Fashion 2016

Next month, more specifically on day 20, autumn already gives the guys around here, in the southern hemisphere. Autumn is the season of choice for many people. At least in the South and Southeast of Brazil, the climate is more fresh, with more wind, a few days to rehearse a cold winter. Many of the clothes we wear this summer will have to be stored for a while to give way to warmer clothes.So let’s show some fashion ideas for you to inspire for next season:

Black and wine

One of the best combinations of colors for fall. Put a skirt and black pantyhose with a sweater wine and you’ll be ready to go!

Go neutral, but includes color

The next station is perfect for the neutral clothes, but that doesn’t mean you have to use a color clothes with neutral colors and include a colourful piece, like a scarf, scarf, handbag, or shoes.

Military green and chess

These two trends appear in every fall and look great if combined.

Jeans in jeans and gray

We have seen in the previous article that the jeans in denim is a big trend this year. Combine a pair of pants and a shirt material with a gray shirt and your look will be perfect for cool days and cloudy autumn.

Large mufflers

If the area where you live usually have low temperatures Durantes the autumns, bet on big guys scarves and colorful to make her look hot and fun.

Olive and neutral

Pieces in olive green to contrast with the neutral are also a great choice.

Red plaid

Warm colors bring a bit of summer to autumn. The print chess is the face of the cold weather. Why not mix the two in red chess pieces?


Can not go wrong with a dress-sweater and pantyhose in the next season!

Stripes and vest

Vests back with everything in the summer and have everything to continue on the catwalks of the cold seasons. Combine with a shirt long-sleeved striped and the look is done.

Invest in gold accessories

You can also bring glow to the cloudy season that is autumn with golden accessories throughout the body.

Long cardigans

The long cardigans always give the guys in the fall and winter and in 2016 will be no different.

Chess neutral green

Combines a scarf plaid pastel with a green blouse and colors will be automatically highlighted in a fluffy look.

Bet on a little glitter

Enter the glitter in little details on your clothing for this autumn.

Use pieces in shades of pink

The shades of pink let your look more delicate and feminine.

Try contrasting colors

Many people avoid combining contrasting colours, but they can work very well together, especially in cold seasons in that clothes tend to be darker and basic.

Go to above all

Who doesn’t love a coat when the weather gets colder? These overcoats are usually very stylish and functional and combine with leggings, skirts, dresses and jeans.

Use the chess with leggings and boots

A look with long plaid shirt with a legging and boots from to finish is perfect.

Summer dresses in the fall

Recycle your summer dresses and combine them with the right accessories to give that guy fall/winter them.

Long t-shirts and leggings

Who doesn’t get crazy with a look like that? Simple, basic and elegant.

Add a hat

A classic fall look is instantly drawn from a hat.

Use black, white and Red

As well as the black + wine, the combination of black, white and Red is perfect for the colder seasons.

Like the ideas? It’s been preparing the wardrobe with the Ritual because time passes and we didn’t even see. Enter the fall with looks updated directly from the autumn/winter catwalks of 2016!