HTC One X, All on The New HTC Android

2011 Taiwanese company left us plenty of terminals. However, the quantity strategy has failed and this year they have decided to change course and give priority to quality on the number of different models.

The standard bearer of this new generation is the HTC One X. A terminal that not only seeks to renew itself to go with a design stylized but also imposed as a powerful device and media options that collect the witness of two very important pillars for the company in recent months: the audio quality provided Beats and the renewal of the camera that started in his day with the HTC Titan.

HTC One X, quad-core power and screen Super display2

The renewal of the design, at timid appearance, is a very important step in HTC. We went from metallic bodies unibody polycarbonate micro-perforated. This change results in two important aspects: on the one hand touch is soft and pleasant, on the other hand weight: 130 grams. Along with his 9.5 mm of thickness it turns him into a very light terminal.

Everything pointed to the quad-core would be the trend in high-end Android this year and after MWC we can corroborate that this is. HTC has decided to equip its One X with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core, more additional ninja core tasks of low consumption when the terminal is at rest. The feelings that left us during the fair could not be better: fluidity and speed enhancing the already if good experience offering dual-core.

With regard to the continuous HTC screen on LCD technology, in this case 4.7-inch Super display2. After this name which perhaps don’t say many big deal, we have sharper colors. In addition, this aspect is emphasized through its 1280 × 720 pixel resolution.

The battery of 1800 mAh, seems like enough to offer autonomy during a day using the phone on a regular basis with data and Wi-Fi. The only downside is that users not be able access it therefore can not replace it with another. An aspect to consider for those who like to wear over a replacement.

The camera, or how turning the ugly duckling into a Swan

Since a couple of years, when the HTC Desire and Nexus One arrived at the market, the Taiwanese company was criticized by users: the quality of their cameras left something to be desired. Last year the thing improved, not too much but he did, and at the end of the year, with Windows Phone decided to take this matter seriously.

This technology now makes the leap to Android to compete in one of the so-called aspects to be the key when it comes to differentiate themselves. The rear camera we are with 8-megapixel resolution and a minimum aperture of f2.0. The quality of the sensor, as we got to try during the fair, doesn’t disappoint. On the front we have 1.3 megapixel camera, good enough for self-portraits and video conferencing.

Apart from the hardware, we also find changes in the application that manages the camera. In addition to standard functions have the possibility of take pictures while we view video. Something very useful to capture the best moments since the firing rate is 0.7 seconds. The only thing missing is the existence of a physical dedicated camera button.

HTC Android and Sense 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

New range of smartphones, coat new software. HTC again opting to customize the look of Android and introduce a suite of applications and various widgets. Layer brings quite a few changes, partly to adapt to high resolution.

Added value we are the player of music, which has undergone a facelift important to exploit the technology Beats and on the other the possibility of getting 25GB free dropbox. Important to supplement the lack of slot microSD.

HTC One X, availability and price

Currently there is an official date for its launch but Peter Chou said during the presentation of the terminal which will arrive in April around the world, including Spain. Moment it is unknown what will be its final price free as well as offerings that will have different operators through stays.