How to Wear Vintage

If it’s a coat paperback bib that dazzled you, but as soon as you wear you look like a Lady Bountiful… Try this:

Go in a pencil skirt and cinched – blouse, tight with a belt a bit masculine, a jacket denim on the shoulders and sneakers at the foot, of course! Fishnet tights if we want.

Your heart’s boom for a bombers of the 80’s but on you, that’s american footballer?

First remove the padding in the shoulders; the sleeves will fall more naturally and wear with a black dress near the body to give him the star. And nothing else, huh! No NY CAP or other…
Contemporary shoes and classy jewelry. Check for vintage fashion.

You’ve got this psychedelic 60’s dress because the color did you flash?

With… you look like too much your Mommy…
Calm the game with trend pieces: vest oversize and waders socks for example.
go girls! Dyes well and see you soon for new adventures.