How to Wear Printed Leggings

1 / Pair leggings with a cute dress. Thread a short summer dress and cotton leggings that complement the color of the dress. The dress and leggings should obviously not be the same color but they must match. If for example the dress has five different colors, choose leggings matched with at least one of these colors. • If your dress is a complex printed, take basic color leggings. • You can also do the reverse. You can wear a basic dress color with patterned leggings and complete your outfit with a solid color scarf.

2 / Pair leggings with a skirt. Choose a skirt that has the look with leggings. Check that the color of the skirt and fabric will not conflict with the leggings. If you wear a full skirt, wear a fitted top for not too much tissue released around. • If your skirt is patterned, wear leggings united. If the skirt is solid, you can wear printed leggings with animals or flowers or at least leggings whose color is sufficiently determined not to be confused with the color of the skirt.

3 / Pair leggings with shorts. This can be cute and casual. Put on leggings united and put over denim shorts, a white or black shorts and you’re dressed. Shorts should be loose enough not to be confused with leggings. • Wear casual shoes with these outfits. Ballerinas, boots, sandals or even tennis will do. • Wear a jacket or a long gown with spaghetti strap tank top or t-shirt as part of this type of look. • Remember that you are already packed with shorts and leggings; then you either go down the look and you overlay high as either you remain minimal for the top, but do not stay in-between. • If the sweater and boots are united, associate them with patterned leggings.

4 / Play background with printed leggings. leggings skin so zebra or leopard or covered with cabalistic signs can give you a very fun and unbridled pace. Make sure you wear them with a top, a skirt or dress neutral. Let leggings steal the spotlight and avoid disaster with the competition of another printed that would ruin your style. • If you wear heavily printed leggings with a neutral top associate them with an assortment of baroque necklaces.

Legging large: on avoiding the fashion faux pas!

This is not because we round that one must sacrifice comfort for fashion. The legging trend is, but be careful… There are some rules to follow to avoid fashion faux pas:

1-Select the right size and quality: The worst thing that can happen when you decide to wear leggings large or not elsewhere, is to choose the too thin or too small. Why you say? The legging is super stretchy… Well yes… Precisely… As it is super stretchy, you tend not to over pay attention to the size it is pulled and as we get back in, it’s good! Are you quite sure?… If you choose too small or thin, it becomes transparent … And here is the horror, the fashion faux pas! If you want something transparent, choose tights, but think twice… Would you wear tights and a garment that barely cover the buttocks over?… You see the problem better now…