How to Wear Lemon Yellow

Get a lemonade is also a way of speaking English: good advice for solving small and large problems that happen every day. You follow the advice and you’ll see, including with regard to your wardrobe

4 Ways to Wear the Lemon Yellow

Wear it is easy, like drinking a sip of lemonade!

  1. Olivia Culpot he declines on the leather jacket and matching shoes. In between, obviously very white.
  2. Reese Witherspoon adds preppy white men’s shirt and shoulder bag.
  3. Kate Hudson makes hyper graph with the cutting of high waisted pants and a black tank top.
  4. Laura Whitmore uses it as a base wallpaper on denim distressed and so much black.

The Bag Totally Refreshing!

  1. Coolest backpack that there is, a slice of lemon.
  2. Brighten up your evening with lto clutch of lemon.
  3. Bag shoulder bag with straw.

The Cocktail Dress: If not Now, When?

  1. Balloon dress with bow maxi.
  2. Printing lemons is irressitibile, like trimming retro.
  3. Three quarter sleeves and lace for the mini dress took over.

Bring Home the Lemon

  1. Copyright Tablecloth,printed cotton.
  2. Cotton cushion with lemon soured.
  3. Melamine tray with a slice of lemon.


  1. XTplyo Earbuds with 3 levels of stability for a snug fit and faithful audio performance even during extreme sporting activities.
  2. Cover for smartphones with positive tip.
  3. Charge your device with lemon powerbank.

Put the Foot on Lemon Yellow

Block heel sandals and platform support.

  1. Metal leather MaryJane craquelure.
  2. Sandal open toe and strap.

The Art of Squeezing Lemon

Designed by Philippe Starck in 1990, Juice Salif has become cult even as a decorative object.

  1. Just put the lemon inside and tighten the hand.Silicone.
  2. Oma is theNo ceramics and revisits the classic squeeze lemon.

Lemons Shining

  1. Pendant with lemon, silhouette.
  2. Adjustable bracelet yellow gold and Zest For Life charms and medal lemon slice.
  3. Resin earrings and gold metal.

Cocktail with Lemon

  1. Wyoming Lemonade like in the old West.
  2. Soda pop with an infusion of LAnthony Femminello Gargano (PGI).
  3. Detox Lemon Juice granting.