How to Wear Full Skirt

Class and timeless elegance: back on the catwalks the full skirt! Dust off the trend of the 50s and 60s discovered how to wear, how to match it and also how to create it!

We have good news for all lovers of classic and romantic style: the full skirt is back in fashion! From the catwalks to the cabinets, this item of clothing that brings elegance and slims the figure is the right choice for all occasions.

The boss must of the fashion 50s and 60s is now easy to find in all stores in different shapes and styles, but you also want to take a look to the wardrobe of your mothers or grandmothers: a vintage full skirt will surely much figure when combined with taste and modernized by the accessories.

1. High life for skirts

The most elegant full skirt is the one with the high life. You should not have to have a physical modeling to wear it but certainly there are some steps that should be followed if you have a wasp waist, opt for skirts with elasticated waist. If you are the strongest sides avoided the too heavy fabrics and rigid that swell as a optical illusion will make them look bigger than they really are. Rather choose soft fabrics that glide on the sides in order to enhance your curves. Yes to crop-top, short sweaters, blouses and maxi belts that will highlight your life!

2. Clothing with a full skirt

A dress with a full skirt solves many situations: it is an item of clothing easy but at the same time look. It’s perfect for relaxing days but also to go to the office because it confers timeless class and just a quick change of accessories ( a necklace or a shoe with the heel for example) and you’re ready to go out to dinner out. The particularity of the dress with a full skirt is its hourglass shape with accentuated and the part below voluminous life, a form suited to each type of body. If you are curvy and not be bothered to wear a dress like that every day, maybe you could dare for an elegant occasion like a party or a wedding: the choice is wide. As for the prints, if you have a slender body you can afford any kind of color and patterns even at great designs, if you are not so elongated look to prefer a single color or fabrics with micro patterns.

3. How to combine a full skirt

The fact that full skirt has a classical origin, does not mean that your look has to suffer and transform you instantly on Desperate Housewives. Now the full skirt is cleared for all hours of the day and it is very easy to match! The important thing is to always have in mind the proportions and the easiest solution is to combine a full skirt with a tight-fitting top, without excessive volumes and aiming for simplicity. The full skirt is perfect with heels that slender figure, but if above the knee, it is also nice with flat shoes such as ballet shoes, lace and even sports. The blouses romantic look great over a full skirt, but you can try as well a country variant making a knot on the stomach. The jackets are fine only if the court while the latest trend offers soft sweaters which rest on the sides and sdrammatizzino the outfit.

4. How to make a full skirt

If we know how to do with needle and thread, you could try to create your own completely full skirt just like you want: the right length and right of fantasy and color you need. Here illustrated the easiest way to create it:

  • Take the right length of the fabric that you like (light or heavy if you want more or less rigid skirt) and bend the fabric on itself to form a triangle. Cut the fabric surplus out of the triangle and fold the triangle again to bring together the two tips and then again to form a smaller triangle cloth. At approximately 10 cm from the cut tip of a curved line to create life and another parallel line curve in the opposite part of the triangle (normally to a 40cm) distance that will be the end of our skirt. Open the fabric and you will have formed a kind of donut: checked if the measure of life is right, if not expanded in moderation the first corner. Once the correct donut sewn on an elastic waist (leaving at least a superimposed cloth centimeter), refine it to taste and you will get your full skirt!