How to Wear Camel Color?

Warm and cozy playing the cameo for maximum chic. Our tips and ideas.

Side Style
Escape could there if we want a preppy wardrobe. But it also calls in more fashion, and has been adopted by fashion toquées. Version seventies a hair fashion but without overdoing it in the warmer tones of its range. Brown and orange then come in volumes borrowed from the iconic “Charlie’s Angels”: dress belted fluid skirt trapeze or umbrella and sweater slim … worn in all cases with heeled boots, a cape and a long scarf, but also a leather bag to keep your hands free. It’s really cool and stylish.

In the register of classic glamour, fashion Lady Penelope, it is wrapped in a strict overcoat but that one makes sexy with long gloves go with his straight skirt in brown leather. It also falls for the alternative: minimalist dress sewing and knee pads, but softened by a wool coat.

These soft and warm tones lend themselves well as a more casual wardrobe in which we find the timeless pants skin and big fluffy sweaters. And for those who love comfort but with a more exotic and more lofty rating, it turns into pioneers of the west. And viva the jeans slim beige scoop and tucked into worn with a poncho; it goes to the big hat in inclement weather, if you dare.

Side Pallet
It is put on the most flattering value for its complexion. The light beige and pink near the face brighten the complexion of blondes and redheads. For brunettes, the pumpkin and burnt bread that best reveal their beauty.

To Go Further
And for something different and open the field of possibilities of her wardrobe, it does not hesitate to break the harmony of shades. The camel is the best friend of denim used for a cool attitude. With Ethnicityology, green fir or a delicate Veronese, he takes a British accent. More iconoclastic remaining very elegant, camel wonders with all fluorescent. In short we must have in her wardrobe a bit much to see even passionately …

A good reason to be inspired by our ideas for looks in camel discover now!