How to Wear a Strapless Dress

It’s reserved to perfect silhouettes, it is treated of importable and it contemplates an envious glance… and if, finally, the strapless dress was not so complicated? BIBA tells you all about favorite morphologies of a beloved dress, but too often neglected!

How to Wear a Strapless Dress

Each her strapless dress?

Yes… or almost! There are too many choice of bustier gowns not find yours. The only real pitfall comes from the bustier himself, offering too little support for more generous breasts. In which case, you need to look for a lingerie adapted, which may not be enough… It’s comfort and sensations. If you are not sustained by the dress, the better is worth leverage straps, same fine, but to weaken your chest relying on the bustier!

Choose a dress with broad hips

The silhouette in A presents shoulders narrower than the hips. If this is your case, the strapless dress will perfectly enhance your delicate shoulders! Prefer, on the other hand, the decorative details or strong on the bustier colors, as well as cutouts under the chest, to divert attention from the hips. Also, avoid heavy materials and the pleats creating a surplus of fabric over the hips: prefer a cut straight or slightly flared.

Choose a dress with broad-shouldered bustier

The V-shape bodies shows more hips than the shoulders. Need to even to flee the bustier?No, unless particular complex! Choose a summer dress strapless with effects of Crusader or drape on top, which will put your chest. Complete with a pleated, Basques or knitted stockings to rebalance the hips.

Choose a dress with curves

X, 8 or hourglass silhouette is the best ally of the strapless dress! Glamour by excellence, the sublime bustier curves and shapes, just have to choose the right. Do not overlookquality lingerie if you are equipped with a generous chest, and prefer bustiers in heart or draped to underline without overwhelming it. For a retro style, bet on a knee length pencil dress.

Choose a dress bustier for rounds

No, O silhouette banned not the bustier dress! Assume your curves and bet on a bustier with good support, rather long and straight form. Simply belt size and pot the dress, the roundness of the shoulders is enhanced and complex potential hidden. The little extra?Platform shoes to elongate the silhouette.

Choose a strapless dress with a skinny silhouette

No, the strapless dress is not prohibited to the androgynous silhouettes! Just looking for a structured, model, which will be able to create forms so you feel lack you: basques, draped, pleated or big bow… Choose a short dress and a size marked, the effects of matter are enough to create the volume. And if you dream of femininity, accentuate the effect with lace or floral prints!