How to Wear a Knitted Dress

The relaxed knitted dress is perfect for autumn and what is the easiest garment to put on those mornings when there are too tired to spend in front of the cabinet to stay many minutes pondering. This Lexington gray Mya Dress is this fall’s collection. The dress is slightly thicker fabric and college countries also feel wonderfully warm above. It goes well with the ankle boots with sneakers, depending on my mood a little-day, in this configuration, combined with the latter.The arm swings while Antigona – oh that I am happy with your purchase!

These images show for the first time also slightly darkened my hair. We rejected the idea of a gradient-reported that during the exchange of a growing root growth that is ultimately tri-color hair might not be very picturesque sight – So we decided to put a darker stripes mix. Top was yes small difficulties habit (and still it always seems one of the light gray eye, hehe), but now the tone a bit vaalennuttuakin it seems already contribute more. To spend at least not have to worry about root growth over the next half a year!

Beginning of the week comes from here going to be pretty tight, while Wednesday is the deadline a couple of different sides of the same show when kandiin should be all the time to get more pages. I said yesterday when browsing the calendar, that only three weeks for a refund – in south! End of the week while I go to Helsinki again after a nice An assignment, however, make a wonderful to spend a few days there, then get to see so friends like these new family member in the final week 🙂 So while waiting, now show press – a nice start of the week for you!

A knitted dress is probably the easiest and comfiest garment for fall! I really love this one from Lexington, it’s called Mya dress and it’s from the current fall collection. I really like how versatile it is – you can wear it with both sneakers or ankle boots depending on your mood that day. Here’s when I had a very casual feeling, how do you like the outfit?

My week is going to be very busy and I have a couple of deadlines on Wednesday, and of course I should write my thesis as well. I realized yesterday when checking on my agenda that I only have three weeks left before my thesis has to be done! It means many hours on the library. On Thursday I’m travelling to Helsinki once again for a work thing, but I’m glad to have time to meet my friends and family as well. Looking forward to it, have a great week you all!