How to Wear a Dress with Belt

One of the most feminine parts of the wardrobe, the dress gives instantly bossa touch and charm that lacked the visual. In addition to leaving his wife much more sensual and delicate, depending on the style of dress chosen.

The dress can be used with different accessories, which allows infinite combinations of looks. One of them is the belt, which gives greater emphasis to production and still serves to mark the waist, helping to balance the proportions of the body. To learn how to wear a dress with belt, check out the tips below:

-In General, all kinds of dresses combine with belts; just watch out so that it doesn’t create extra volumes, that can contribute to mark possible localized mainly in the regions flab of belly and back.

-For a cool and modern, invest in different belt, can be thick, thin or track; in vibrant colors, textured or with details of buckles, metals and applications. At the time of combining, opt for plain dresses and neutral tones, to look not to be exaggerated.

-The thin belt is indicated for those who have narrow hips, little waist, short trunk and small breasts. This type of belt must be worn at the hips.

-If you have a body type guitar, with wide hips, small waist and torso longer, prefer the belts too wide, and use them in the waist. Already the women’s breasts, it’s recommended to use the belt at the hips.

-Not to make a mistake ever, prefer to use the belts with more loose dresses models that combine very well with the waist. As well as fairer dresses; ideal for use night occasions. Who makes the most romantic line, can choose the belts with delicate details, such as bonds.