How to Use: Sneaker with Heel

After a few requests in comments and on Twitter (ask:@xugar or @justlia), the theme of How to Use Today is about the famous sneakers.Thanks to stylist Isabel Marant, they took over the streetstyle blogs and became objects of desire for many girls.

With a style that seems to have come out directly from the fashionable skater, the sneakers have conquered enough people to be comfortable, but, nevertheless, to have a little internal platform. They were released in 2011 by Isabel Marant and already have several “inspired”models created by stylists like Marc Jacobs and by brands here in Brazil as well.

Many celebrities have already bought their models, such as Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth, Alessandra Ambrosio, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning, Anne Hathaway and Doutzen Kroes. Here in Brazil, Sabrina Sato has already shown that she has become a fan of the model. Beyoncé in the Love on Top clip also used a pair of fashion sneakers with black heels and half trawlers.

What appeals to me in the tennis model is being able to climb on the jump without having to compromise comfort. I will confess that I am not much of a jump, I prefer low shoes, but this model allowed me to stay up to 6 centimeters taller – enough for those who wanted so much to grow a little more, hahah! For me, the coolest combination is with short.

Everything is about balance. Try to also use some accessory or more feminine item in the production to not get so sporty or masculine. This can include necklaces, bracelets or stylish earrings. Try to invent and put it on with dress!Finishing with a blazer does not leave the production so casual!

Where to Buy:Some Brazilian brands already have their version.Look in Arezzo, Schutz, Qix and Esdra.It’s every model softer than the other!

1. Shoes with Heel + Skirt

2. Tennis with Heel + Short

3. Tennis with Heel + Dress

4. Tennis with Heel + Legging

5. Tennis with Heel + Pants

6. Sneakers + Legs

7. Tennis with Heel + Leather Pants

8. Shoes with Heel + Pants Jeans

9. Shoes with Heel + Pants Jeans and Jacket

10. Jumping Tennis Celebs