How to Use Boots

Following the military trend and one of the hits of this winter, the Boot, also known in English as combat boot, is originally used by the soldiers as protection for the legs during fights. Traditionally made of waterproofed leather–ideal against moisture–the boots, due to your shape and resistant and anti-slip sole, adheres well to the soil, thus avoiding escorregos on flat terrain. And for having the highest pipe also protect the ankles, giving total security.

Only utilitarian piece, the DMS won ares fashions, up in the wardrobe of the more detached. Started as a necessary accessory of rockers and punks, even, more recently, end up at the feet of the fashonistas and allow varied styles and productions.

For this reason, most boots found today in stores are made from different materials, not just the leather, but also canvas and varnish. In addition to being far more colorful, as red boots, pink, yellow, and blue prints.

To make the contrast, prefer to use the boot, which in itself gives weight and prominence in the look, with more delicate and feminine pieces. It can be used with short skirts with Ruffles, Ruffles or tulle, long skirts, with floral prints, and dresses. But, if you want to invest in sexiest productions and taken off, combine the boots with short shorts, tights and leggings, with black tights or with different designs, jackets and jeans or leather jackets.
See Now Some Pictures With Suggestions Of Looks To Use The Boot And Get Inspired!