How to Use a Scarf

Even though key winter scarf can also be used in other seasons of the year, just the weather cool a bit her back giving the guys in looks. Modern and versatile, the scarf can give the visual look more elegant or cool, this will depend on the color-and may be smooth, emblazoned, in neutral colors or vibrant-and how she is willing to produce. To learn to use your scarf, stay tuned on the tips below:

-For a basic look, but connected, try using a wide scarf by wrapping it around your neck with the ends down. Is a simple and practical touch, but that makes a lot of difference in visual. So, you can take and put a simple way, whenever the temperature down, or vice versa;

-Looks elegant fall well with scarves wrapped in scarf style via localbusinessexplorer. To do so, choose a thinner scarf, and may be more or less long, making it possible to give more than a walk around the neck.

-If you want to give more emphasis to the blouse, invest in a collar created with the scarf; to make the effect, extend it down, leaving much of the neck more exposed;

– A look cool and young can be created with a thin scarf, wrapped completely around the neck. Opt for colorful scarves or printed, leaving loose fringes.

-For those who don’t have much time, and want to create a quick look, the trick is to take a large scarf and fold it diagonally. Put the two sides in the neck and a node, not too tight. Adjust the front as you prefer. The remaining tips, can be played forward.

-Another tip is to put the scarf around her neck, leaving a tip more than another and, with the larger end, tie a knot around the small end in tie and adjust according to your preference.