How to Train Your Dog for Walks

  • Some dogs act without the slightest control when they are taken for a ride.However, this can be resolved from regular training for the dogs to behave when they are walking with their owners on the street.Workouts can be done indoors and work best when the dog is a puppy. Start walking with the animal attached to a guide, and may encourage you with snacks that can be given when he hits the commands. These snacks should be in your hand so that the dog is stimulated to follow her.

    Walk just straight early in the workout and not reward the dog when he bites the guide or trying to walk in the other direction. If he tries to pull the Guide, stop immediately and resume the path.

    Make sure that the tab is loose, not to let the animal uncomfortable. Also, never pull or drag the dog, because that kind of attitude just contribute to the dog develop a negative association in relation to the Guide, compromising the tours.

    After your pet is accompanying straight, create some paths inside the House, walk beside the couch, turning around on the table, stop in front of the door, and other routes.

    It is also important that the dog learn to not run away at the sight of something that he likes. So, spread by some snacks and toys, stopping whenever the dog threatening run up these items.

    The sessions should last a maximum of 15 minutes and always finish with one hit.After a few days, test your dog on the streets near the House, to see if it will obey commands and will not leave running when viewing posts, people and other dogs.