How to Take Full Advantage of Smart TV USB Pendrives

If you are thinking about buying a TV , you want to know that new models allow connect pendrive USB not only to see the channels that the DVB-t signal emitted but also be able to record or even play other types of content such as photos, music or movies stored in the memory.

If our TV has a USB port, it is essential to know how make the most of it. Especially nowadays where is the majority of information we use in digital format. But before we get to know some details.

Codecs and containers

A codec and a container or format is not the same. Despite being an increasingly less unknown theme there are still users who do not distinguish between the two. The first, the codecis software that encodes / decodes a signal. It is responsible for creating the file /-os which will then keep the container. The container is the place where we keep the previous file. That way we grouped in the same place different video and audio tracks.

Why some movies are not if they are both in.? AVI? So easy, by the codec. Our television can be compatible with various formats such as. AVI. MP4. M4V, DivX. MKV,… but if you use a codec that is not supported will not know how to decode the file for which we will not see the video, not hear the audio or both at the same time.

Solution to the issue of codecs and formats

But do not worry for everything has a solution. As we saw for the iPad and iPhone, we can make use of video converters to get a file compatible with our TV. A very simple option for the visual of your interface is Miro Video Converter.

But it is not the only one, for both Windows, Mac and Linux there are numerous options. Some paid and some free. It is a matter of each user select the tool that provides better results. Good processing speed or compatibility with multiple files. So if we have a film that not only plays you have to make it and ready.

Reproduction of content via USB

Controlled whole issue of codecs and formats it is time to prepare the USB stick. It must be formatted in FAT32 or NTFS, some also accept exFAT but it isn’t usual. Other formats such as HFS + of Mac is not supported, so do not use them.

FAT 32 or NTFS? If you need compatibility with operating systems such as Linux or Mac FAT32 it is best choice. The only downside is that it does not save files larger than 4 GB, if we have movies that occupy more have to use NTFS.

Prepared the memory, the archives of videos, photos or music only is connect Pendrive or USB drive to the port on the TV and from the menu select it as the source so that it loads the content. Now just start playing and enjoy.

Recording USB Smart TV

But play is not the only possibility that incorporate current TVs. When connecting a USB drive to your TV, depending on the model, will allow us to use recording options.

Not all ranges are able to allow recording of video, music and photos via USB, Time Shift function and simultaneous viewing and recording. But if so, we can use it as if a recorder DVD were.

Connecting the memory port, usually labeled HDD IN, the TV will format and create a security system for reasons of copyright (DMR) that allows you to record content and play it when you want, that Yes, only from the same device.

So you know well with your current TV or if you plan to buy a new TV it is time to take advantage of the USB port that incorporates to the playback and recording of content.

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