How to Sew a Hoodie Jacket

The time has come-the new hoodie pattern RILEY is now online! With thestars Neon Hoodie my Kleenen I had made ​​you pretty hot (and I myself was also quite keen on), so I grabbed the Liv-shirt, made ​​some changes and adapt it to a Hoodie for us Large, Besides Partnerlook version from the last post here also a cool neon part arose.

This we had to also really “Ghetto Underground-standard” pictures-in an underpass with us around the corner. That was really fun!

For that extra bit of coolness figures in college sweater style care. For that I have just used the neon green back from the sweat and by this method applied.

Patterns “Riley”

The pattern in the sizes 32 to 54 get her in our pattydoo designer. There you can also put together a selection of materials.

Here are some important facts about the pattern:

  • the pattern is designed for normal cotton jerseys
  • you can sew the hoodie also from Sweat-depending on how thick and resilient is this, you have to choose one or two sizes larger.I have for example. Sewn instead of a 38 a 40.
  • the college figures are in each case 5 contained sizes in the pattern, so can you, for example, apply your birth year or the start number for the next marathon;)
  • the interventions on the front pocket can you with or without cuffs sew (as in my example)
  • the sleeves you can also sew with or without cuffs
  • the pattern-PDF contains photo instructions for the front pocket, the hood and the application-the general steps for shirt can be found for men’s hoodie jackets in  Mensjacketsstore
  • if you sew the hoodie sweat, could-depending on the elasticity of the fabric-the sleeves might be a little tight. Nina has a guide as you (in general) can make the sleeves cut part simply.

Soft Viskosesweat with neon Abseite here | Neonkordel here | Prym metal grommets 5mm, eghere

The hood can you like the Kids Leo feed. In the two-color Sweat it offered to sew the hood without food. Here I have given to the leading edge of 1.5 cm to be folded and sewn it with a cover stitch.

The Viskosesweat of Everything for Selbermacher here is perfect for the shirt, really nice soft and cozy. But beware, the fabric is also something lapprig. This makes the application of not so easy and the cuff should make her more closely, in order to counteract the Ausleihern – if you want to just sew this substance.

In this sewing project it was once again a flash of genius-I saw the material and already it was clear the idea! Sewing went ratz-Fatz. If in the end it is almost as thought in my head before, it’s really fun!

Now I have two beautiful new hoodies closet-exactly according to my ideas and perfect for layering when it’s evening is even fresh!

And how do you like the Hoodie? What do you say about the numbers? The idea comes from the way our new dear colleague Elke of pulse rabbits, it is more recently on board at pattydoo and a great addition to our team!

+++ Addendum of 24/10/2014: Many of you sew the shirt of sweat, so we packed another sleeve variant in the pattern. This sleeve is further cut and sewn with a 10 cm cuff. All who have already purchased the pattern, can the additional sleeve for free download. +++