How to Rejuvenate the Lips

When a man looks at a woman the first thing that catches your attention in your face are the lips. The lips well maintained not only demonstrate beauty as well as health. A few simple tips will help you rejuvenate your lips.

Due to pollution and other environmental factors women suffer various damages on your skin and one of the worst-hit areas are the lips. Often young women seem to have more age, because their lips are wrinkled, damaged, dehydrated, often with wounds and flaky. The skin of the lips is very delicate, so sensitive to environmental factors such as the cold and the heat, or habits like smoking and alcohol intake.

Remove the Makeup

Even if you come home tired, this you can’t stop doing, why the makeup is one of the worst enemies. Imagine you after spending the day makeup, pass by pollution, dust, sweat and demaquilar not? In addition, all together cause a “dirt” focused, infections may appear and the dreaded aging process. So, before you go to bed clean the face with a product itself with the help of cotton, tissues or gauze. The movements must be delicate and soft and no rush.


As well as all the body needs a good exfoliation, your lips even more. To make her any better than a soft-bristled tooth brush. You can make two to three times a week, the result is healthy lips without accumulation of residues and have activated local circulation.

Lip Balm

The use of a lip balm against the sunlight must never be forgotten, particularly if it’s during the day and even in the day without the Sun, we have the custom of passing saliva on her lips when they dry, but it minimizes the effect for a few minutes, but the air causes them to dry even more.

Lipsticks, Eyeliners, Lip Gloss

These products are always welcome, however look for using those containing natural component, as well as leave your lips will also be taking care of them. So they have a long-lasting experience spend a little bit of dust before passing the lipstick.

If you want your lips don’t look big and glitzy look even use lipstick with the tone of your skin and avoid the use of brightness.