How to Put on Makeup for the Party

Party Makeup

All women always have some event to go to night and the parties are almost always and the makeup is very important to highlight even the clothes.

You can abuse the black pencil and brighten the look with a eye shadow of tom of course. For this occasion, forget the strong colors and sparkling on the lips in light shades like invista pink and coral.

A charming look and you should outline them with dark colors and modern as the royal blue or dark blue. Don’t overdo it on the concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes for example.

For the luxury and glamor is the ideal makeup from Beautypically sexy without vulgarity. To the mouth or to choose the golden eyes. Combine with neutral colors like beige and Brown and be sure it will look great.

Light eyes, a blush of course and pay special attention to your lips. The best trick to err is not to bypass them with transparent pencil and apply the lipstick with a fine brush. Take the lipstick for retouching possible overnight.

To have all eyes focused on you use colored and metallic shadows, abuse of black mascara, bet on blush more marked and finish the look perfectly with the transparent gloss.