How to Protect Your Furniture with Covers Outdoor Furniture

You’ve already got some outdoor furniture covers to protect your outdoor furniture?

This is one of the most important measures to preserve the integrity of the garden furniture during the colder months, when the summer gives way to rain and cold, that over time can cause annoying problems to furniture.

Whether it’s wood, but also in aluminium or polyrattan, it is important to think about how to best repair to prevent spoilage.

The weathering over time damages the furniture, one should not forget that – if not taken care of – the wood develops mould or gray, plastic discolor, tends to harden and lose the original resistance, and the aluminum oxidizes when not properly protected. Moreover, even when these elements are designed to withstand harsh weather, forget them outdoors for long months without any protection is never advisable.

Attention to Garden Furniture: 5 Easy Steps

I know, it happens to everyone who once passed the summer you tend to forget the furniture that we placed in the garden, and that for long, hot months were able to give us moments of coolness unbeatable, but you need to make some simple, but concrete steps to adequately protect tables, chairs, benches, gazebos, umbrellas etc.

This is the list to protect the outdoor furniture when you no longer need:

  1. Groupseats and table
  2. Close theumbrellas
  3. Move the furniture inplaces covered
  4. Usetowels to cover furniture
  5. Fixcover umbrellas for protection

The first thing to do is move the chairs around the table, both to keep the garden during the winter months, which as a matter of convenience in case you opt for the use of boat covers for furniture.

Another simple but effective operation is to close the umbrellas, the need for action not just to place the garden even when it is no longer used at the height of its potential, but also because with rain and wind on tarp and the supporting structure of the umbrella are exposed to unnecessary elements, at the risk of breaking.
In addition, where possible, in the presence of portico or basement you can try moving the table and chairs in the garden at one of these places, to keep them away from water or the temperature is too low.

Garden Furniture Protection

After these basic operations, it is important to consider adequate protection for all the furniture in the garden.
There are practical solutions and not expensive, they are able to protect everything we have in the garden and keep everything safe from rain, wind and cold.

It’s particulars teli designed to be outdoors, shaped in such a way as to safeguard fully the furniture on which are positioned: you ever evaluate purchase? You should do it, because although raincoats, boat covers for furniture are capable of protecting the furniture but let pass the necessary air from below, to prevent mold growth.

Top cover for furniture

Specifically, consider purchasing specially designed cloths for garden furniture, characteristic in specific forms since sewn specially to suit the features of different furniture.
In our e-shop you can find the fabric you need for your garden furniture, whether it be a round, square or rectangular table in various sizes, or perhaps a couch or even a bench, and all at great prices!

Garden Umbrellas Cover

Another important purchase for the protection of garden furniture is certainly the umbrella.
These are special protections that have a shape able to wrap completely the umbrella closed, to protect it and repair it at their best during the colder months.

In particular, you should buy the custody for the umbrella together from the same, in such a way as to be already provided at the right time, and with no risk to forget it later.

→ It is important to buy the housing together with the umbrella for not being found unprepared by sudden downpours or summer storms that could damage the beach umbrella, intervening promptly with the arrangement for the same.

Maintenance and Replacement of Damaged Parts

In addition to the use of covers for outdoor furniture, you may take advantage of the end of summer to give a general review to your outdoor furniture and intervene where necessary.
In particular, before the start of the rains and the arrival of the cold, remember to proceed with routine maintenance of the wood of your garden furniture, eliminating if you need the top layer with a light sanding and proceeding with one coat of protective oil, for example.

This is not necessary every year and with all templates, but there are times when you remove with a light sanding the surface layer can help.

Maintenance Garden Gazebos

You know that even the gazebos need revision from time to time?
Check out thoughtfully every part and especially the top curtain, to see if it has been damaged or seriously compromised, and especially if you need a total replacement.

Along with the replacement of the top curtain of the tent, you can consider adding the side curtains, allowing you to close the entire structure and stay safe from sudden rains read or summer breezes too pushy.