How to Plan Your Summer Wardrobe?

Despite all ugly time our calendar reminds us: it’s almost summer! While our new clothes this winter override those of last year and as of spring struggle to get a place, our closets are threatening to explode from one second to the other!

So to not have to cry in front of the sliding doors unhinged, the collapsed or unable boards put our new summer outfits, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make a real spring cleaning! And senior smiles: because yes, you can do it having fun.

*** For any fresh wardrobe without hysterics, you follow these 10 steps ***

Step 1. Preparing the gear

Before embarking on the fight, we need:

  • Dressing and clothes (the base)
  • A tidy room to be able to make full stacks
  • Trash bags
  • Our finest underwear to feel guns
  • Music to pass this test in rhythm (and losing even more calories)
  • 5/6 kiwi, raspberries 150g, 10cl orange juice, 1/4 banana, a yogurt, a jar of sugar, ice 10/12
  • Our best friends to help us (or optionally chocolate)
  • Ready? Let’s go!

Step 2. The cocktail of motivation

History of having fishing, banana or even potato, we concocted a small ultra-vitamin cocktail! It blew the dynamism and moral thermometer steel, all without feeling guilty.

While Programingplease pack up, we follow the recipe here, it swallows everything and hop, here we go!

Step 3. Choose the clothes that will throw

It begins by taking our surplus of sentimentalism, our bad taste, we put them in the trash and we will throw the bag in the green bins down here.

Then we look at our clothes mountain and were reviewed, with a look one by one. Every time a suit is punctured, faded, warped, damaged trash. It’s quick and easy. Next!

Step 4. Choose the clothes that will give

Now we will look at these clothes we keep hidden under the pile, they will never puts (they are ugly, arch-fashioned or purchased in a state of trance spendthrift) but we keep for a reason the least obscure.

Here we take a scraper, we take off the rest of sentimentality and bad taste left hanging in our skull trash. We select these garments and made ​​into a new battery (or a construction Kapla fashion).

We find ourselves now facing two solutions: if we want to win Pépette, we sell these clothes. If we want to be even happier by doing a good deed, we give our clothes to our friends, to our neighbor or associations.

Step 5. Choose the clothes that will recycle

Then there are the clothes he is out of the question to put, for the reasons mentioned above, but have the advantage of having pretty fabrics.

Those, they are kept and they are arranged in a dedicated corner of our dressing: it can always be used to customize other clothes (teasing: an article on the subject will find on the site this week).

Step 6. The pause victory

Yay! It’s almost done! The time for us to “break the victory” following one of these ideas:

  • Take a shot smoothie
  • Exchanging juicy gossip with our friends
  • They parade before the Sex and The City in the ugliest clothes contained in our garbage bags (or even make clothes in garbage bags if one is inspired)
  • To eat chocolate. That good for morale ( good, good ket)

Step 7. Select the clothes we keep

The time of the last sorting has sounded. A story that will be resolved between our wardrobe and us.

To find out which last held set aside, they are trying one last time, sliding them over our most beautiful femme fatale underwear. The skin we know well that we stick to which we must say goodbye.

Step 8. We put everything

Moment of extreme pride: there is arrived! The heart full of joy and relief, we arrange everything, by category, just to be faster when dressing in the morning. Fragile pieces are suspended. It puts small moth repellent sachets that smell good. It vacuuming. And it’s good! We won.

Step 9. The victory dance

They put her to build on our computer and it is set up: this is the time of “victory dance” (choreography here).

Step 10. “Vamos a Bailar”

What’s the point of having a tidy wardrobe if not to use it and it put some bazaar in passing?

After a shower, we choose our best dress and we board our girlfriends management and a great restaurant (if you still fishing/banana/potato) to the dance floor. We deserve!