How to Outline the Eyes

Outline the eyes is a simple way and quick to highlight the eyes, although it is important to consider the way for them to choose the right way to do them and get the maximum performance. Today we suggest in our beauty tips to learn how to outline the eyes.

Extend the line beyond the final corner of the eye can lead to errors if there is no practice and a steady hand, so it’s important to learn how to correctly apply the eyeliner to get a nice appearance.

Use the Eyeliner according to Your Eye Shape

It is important to know what are his eyes and the way they have to correctly apply the eyeliner, so we count some simple tricks on using eyeliner according to your eye shape:

Almond eyes:perfect eyes and can be outlined as you like, but if you want to highlight the look, draw the inside of the lower eyelid and on the outside of the upper eyelid, extending the line beyond the outer corner of the eye, but without excess.

Eyes together: How you want to do is give the impression that they are more apart than they are, you should never miss the outlined eyes from the lacrimal passages, because the only thing you will do is make them look more together; You must do it from the middle of the eye and extend a bit the line on the upper eyelid, which will rise until the final third of the eye, to make it thicker and create a V, which will give the feeling of visual separation.

Eyes apart: to create a feeling of closeness between the eyes, draw a thin line and smooth, both in upper eyelid as inferior, that is, outlining all the eye, including the lacrimal.

Oblique Eyes: Are the classics of Asian women. To create a harmonious effect manufactures a line with eyeliner for the entire line of lashes at the top and bottom make it from the middle to the external angle of the eye.

Small eyes: to get bigger eyes, outline from the Middle out, without make up the tear area and if you do, do it with a pencil of course and extend the line extending to the end, on the upper eyelashes.

Sunken eyes: Outlining the area of the line of the upper and lower lashes with an eyeliner and esfumace with a brush to the outside, to make the line thicker, and larger eyes.

Eyes skipped: to prevent your eyes stand out in excess, outline the inside of the bottom line of the lashes, from the external angle to the lacrimal and do the same on the top line, and outlining the inner part of the eye all the time, so that they do not stand out too much.

Droopy eyes: give the appearance of the upper eyelids push your eyes down. To disguise it, you can apply the eyeliner along the eyelash line, either superior or inferior and esfumaçá it with a brush, to lift your eyes up visually, well the cat’s eye effect.