How to Organize a Step by Step Wedding

Just start the year and this is the kick off to 2015 weddings. If couples will occur if wants this year, surely you will be immersed in the preparation of the link, or you may you may be ahead and you’ve already started planning your wedding for 2016?

Journal of the bride by Petite Mafalda

In any case, your wedding day will surely be one of the most important and special in your life and why you’ll love that everything goes as you’ve imagined. To assist you in the organization, elishui here provides a list of tasks that you can go by as you have done them.

First steps:

-The first thing you have to ask you is what kind of wedding you want, religious or civil, and what will be your style (vintage, rustic, beach?)

-Consult with the Court or church availability and set date and time.

-It is important that you calculéis an initial budget, taking into account your own means and other AIDS that you may have.

-It is the time to start to write the possible guest list.

-You will be very useful to assist in fairs of wedding held near where you live.

-Inform you of when held open restaurants and farms in your area, visit possible venues and ask budget.

We have a year! Now what?

Tasks that you should perform a year to six months before the wedding:

-Book the place in which you are going to celebrate the feast and begin to define the menu.

-You’ll have to go also profiling the guest list.

-The bride will have to begin to look at dresses. If you plan to hire a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, it is also the time to start search and check prices.

-Start to look and ask prices of alliances.

-It is time to inform your link to your respective companies.

-Choose the groomsmen and witnesses of wedding and communicate it.

-Seek destinations that you like for your honeymoon and ask budget to various travel agencies.

-If you thought doing wedding list, seek a settlement that you enjoy and that offer this service.

-Look for florists.

-One of the most important aspects and that you will take time is the choice of the photographer and videographer. Ask budgets and try to book beforehand the maximum to avoid the professional like you already you have occupied date.

-Make a list of the songs that you would like that they sounded during the ceremony and banquet.
Are you approaching the “B” day?

Tasks that you should perform between five and two months before the wedding:

-Begin to prepare the necessary papers for the ceremony, civil or religious. Keep in mind that some of the documents that you issued in the Civil Registry and the city only have validity for 3 months!

-The groom will have to start looking for the costume.

-Choose the apparel and accessories you may need in accordance with the chosen costume: shoes, jewelry, headdresses or tiaras for the hair of the bride?

-Choose wedding invitations according to the colors, theme and style of your wedding. Remember that they are the letter of your big day!

-Go to the restaurant, catering and banquet hall to make the test menu and choice of wines.

-In the event that you need, ask budget for transportation of guests.

-The bride will be dress tests that are necessary.

-Open the wedding list.

-In the event that you allot with bridesmaids at your wedding, choose how you want to be your wardrobe.

-He plays decide the fate of the honeymoon and the booking of the trip. Remember to check the expiry date of your passport and replace where necessary.

-Choose alliances and entrust them.

-At this point you’ll have to hire some services you may need as the car of the bride and groom, flowers or music.

-Choose what kind of detail are going to give to your guests as a thank-you gift. There are couples who opt to buy them and others who prefer to do them themselves.

-The time of sending invitations (about three or four months before the wedding).

They begin the nerves but you can rest assured because now only be you finalize some details:

-Brides will have to order the bouquet, make the final tests of the dress and arrange testing makeup and hairdressing. I recommend that you seek appointment to test of the dress and add-ins on the same day that make you the testing of hair and makeup, so can see how is the whole.Also remember that you will have to book time at the hairdresser for the wedding day.

-Establish the Protocol of the ceremony: tickets, readings and speeches, vows and rituals? It will be useful to make a script.

-Can take some dance classes or even tried some choreography if you want to surprise your guests.

-Definid the placement of the guests at the banquet tables.

-One or two weeks before the wedding, do the final guest count and pass the final list along with the table layout to the restaurant.

Within a week of the big day?

-Gather up alliances in jewelry.

-Bride can receive beauty that deems appropriate treatments: hair removal, massages, masks?

-Check that you have everything you need for the wedding trip and begin to prepare your luggage.

-Gather up your respective costumes in stores.

-Order the godfather or a loved one that would reflect the bridal florist and finally arrived!

After having rested overnight before and a good breakfast to start the day with energy, now only plays to take the suitcase for the wedding night and above all… enjoy!