How to Make the Most of Winter

The winter began day June 21 and closes its cycle around September 21. Is the period characterized by lower temperatures and how there is still some time for the station end, separated five foolproof tips to make the most of this time of year and be in fashion.


Definitely the most comfortable part of the closet. Has a new look and gains strength by bringing prints and fancy models, with sparkles and sequins, raiding shops and ensuring many looks this winter. The combination exceeds most pants and Sweatshirt Hoodie, skirt and allows high heels.


Leather jacket is the key piece without a shadow of a doubt, because it is timeless and always in fashion, especially in this season that is overrated and also appears in other parts, such as: skirt, dresses, pants and shoes. Not necessarily have to be legitimate, several leather clothes are being produced with metallized fabrics or leather-like texture.


This time, the sweater is no longer just a play to warm up and comes with a more stripped style. Has lustre, glamour, more open holes with textures and varying sizes.


The success of the ‘ 90 is back and promises to come with everything for this winter! He was present on the catwalks of some collections and is gaining space in TheMBAPrograms, including many famous have already joined to look tidier style accompanied by jump. The play has everything to extend until the summer.

Boots – tall and short pipes

I’m sure the boots are considered wildcard parts for the coldest season of the year. But like any other shoe, the boots have many models, and the more gifts in shops and streets are the low barrel and cuissard, boots above the knee. A tendency of the years 80 that promises to tear down in winter 2016.

This year the winter has a new look, many stripped pieces and printed soft, leave the visual romantic and at the same time sophisticated. With these tips can get us every day of the season to be beautiful and stylish.