How to Make Decorations with Provencal Your Nightstand!

Home decoration with Provencal style long fell into the graces of the Brazilians. It’s a different style, coming from France, specifically in the region of Provence. The original proposal was created in order to differentiate dull wooden furniture with low cost. Today, ironically, contradicting the original molds Provencal items are more expensive, but very elegant and worth investing. One of the interior decorating tips is a nightstand.

My house combines with this style? This is one of the most common questions and unfortunately without an exact answer. Depends on. Provencal furniture are very classic style, ask for a bit of traditionalism in the decoration. We can eliminate some styles that might not get cool with this kind of furniture, oriental and African decoration. Not being a French Provencal style, ethnic decoration itself doesn’t fall too well.

The room may not necessarily match the whole house, may have a completely different style from other environments. It is a good tip as long as there are no mobile on the side many metallized items. To put beside bed box is a good thing because there are not many details on the bed, the panel tops. A good choice would be in a romantic room. The  cabinet itself already calls for a more cozy environment and with traditional touches. And what color would be better? It is important not to make the item screaming a lot with the items around. No nightstand purple with the whole room in red, unless the proposal is highlight. Tone on tone is always a good choice.

Where to Buy Cheap

As the style became popular, several furniture stores already offer the item. But it is still considered cult and differential, so the best is to visit conceptual furniture stores like Etina, Tok Stok or suchlike. The more alternative for the store, the more chances you have of finding the desired mobile.

We have some cool tips online. The KD Stores is one of them, with delivery throughout Brazil and super shipping into account depending on the request. The items comes disassembled but can easily be assembled at home with the help of the instruction manual. There is also the other pretty cool. However, the more into account and ensure the item on your own would be commissioned to a cabinetmaker or furniture.

Prices on nightstand Provencal vary depending on a few factors. The most expensive woods today in the market are pine and MDP and may leave the item with twice the value of a nightstand wood Board, thinner but also less durable. The more thick and sturdy for the raw material, the more expensive the product. The item can cost only R$100 but more of R$11000. Also depends on who was the winemaker, the furniture designer to sign the piece.

How to Reform a Provencal Nightstand

Have one at home but wasn’t crazy about the color or want to give a special touch him? The reform is simple and easy to do. First you must sand it completely to remove the previous paint. Wood sandpaper should be thick and the finish should be completely smooth for the result to be perfect.

Step is to paint himself, and then the shapes are endless. Can be with brush and paint for wood, suitable spray, using spray machines to make work more uniform or ink roller. Relies heavily on the desired result, but always with paint suitable for wood. Then just apply a layer of varnish with a brush or spray and your nightstand gets a completely new face. The reform with stronger colors is one of the most modern market options.