How to Make Children’s Party Decoration Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the name of a game that started making much success in 2010. Simple, colorful and addictive, it wasn’t long until the game started making success among adults and among children. With that, the theme of the design is a great option for a joyful, fun party and which is full of options for innovate and inspire. A different party without having to spend so much? Then check out tips and ideas for decorating party Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds are predominantly round and colorful birds, so it’s a great idea to use the balloons and balloons in a different way, creating the birds with u simple design.

In these cases, you need balloons red, yellow, black, blue, pink and white to create the main birds, which are those colors. With full bladders, just use permanent markers to draw your eyes and beaks of the birds. If you want something more elaborate, just print molds in 3D elements like eyes and beaks and paste in balloons.

It is also important not to forget the green balloons to represent the Guinea Pigs of the design, since the object of the game is to shoot down the little pigs allocated in different elements of the scenario.

Another possibility to ensure you get the perfect party decoration Angry Birds is to create masks in felt for the guests with the physiognomy of the birds. To ensure that they stay attached to the face, just pass a thin elastic in holes made on each side of the mask.

In these cases, you can do the masks by hand or print-ready templates found on the internet. With the right decor, you will have a party full of Angry Birds all over the place.

If the Angry Birds are round, nothing better than to use that to your advantage and make cake pops inspired by drawings. As the cake pops are small round cookies on a stick, you can use them to make small edible birds. To do this, simply use colored icing or fondant, making the details of the expressions of each bird.

It is also possible to make or order cupcakes in that the top is done with the appearance of an Angry Bird. The guarantee of a colorful candies and a lot of fun.

You can also use the concept of the game to create fun and games for the little ones. In these cases, you can make some small plastic bottles, with a little sand and painted green, imitating the piglets. Paint some heavier balls, like a tennis ball, with the colors and details of the birds.

Then, just put several bottles together and make the balls so that the guests can play and hit the little pigs. Who bring down larger amount wins. That way, you can act more than just decoration party Angry Birds, achieving a result unusual and fun.

Be creative about the theme

Because it is a game so fun and popular you can and should be creative on the subject. You can, for example, make a colorful and a gum baleiro sling, mimicking what happens in the game.

It is also possible to make small boxes with TNT pattern to put lollipops and candy, as in the game there are different boxes of type. Building with wood constructions mimicking chocolate also gives a touch of fun and quite unique to any decor.

The souvenirs are also important part and you can start right away by packing: there are many lines of bags with the format of the birds of the design, which allows the creativity start from the outside.

As for memories itself, you can distribute pens with details of Angry Birds, little plushes, key ring formats little birds made of biscuit, piggy banks or custom cups. The important thing is to be well colored and that refer directly to the game, ensuring that the fun of the party to be remembered for a long time.

In the midst of so many elements can be easy to forget others who are equally important: the cake and the panel. If you want a really nice effect, try baking a cake that is consistent with any decor from party Angry Birds.

This means that you must choose at least one cake with the colors of the birds, but preferably should contain the physical elements of the game. That is, a cake that has layers with faces of each bird or even simulating a scenario of the game.

As for the panel, it can be made with either a bird balloons or images printed or painted. Anyway, these two elements will make the table stand much more complete and beautiful.

Angry Birds party decor can be made with simple elements, but which guarantee a fun touch and unmistakable in relation to the game. Inspire yourself, don’t be afraid to be creative and recreate the universe in small party.