How to Knit Dog Sweater

The great knitting special in the TINA

Our four-legged friends suffer from the cold in the winter. Remedy can be a selbstgestrickter dog sweater. 

Here petwithsupplies provided the instruction in detail:

Sizes: XS – S – M

Since the jumper in rib knit, he looks rather small. The work is very elastic.

Chest circumference: approx 28/32 – 40/44 – 48/52 cm

Back piece: approx. 24 – 32-40 cm

Example of the dog breeds: Chihuahua = XS, S = Bichon Frisé, M = Cocker Spaniel


  • Garnstudio DROPS Fabel 50-100-150 gr.Colour No. 521, black/brewing/blue-grey
  • Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca 50-50-100 g. No. 6309, bluegrey
  • 50-50-50 gr Puddel garnstudio DROPS. No. 08, charcoal grey
  • DROPS needles size 4 (a circular needle size M.)Knitting tension: 19 STS x 25 rows with 1 thread of each quality = 10 x 10 cm.
  • DROPS double pointed needles and circular needle size 3 mm.
  • DROPS crochet hook No. 6.

All yarns are yarns DROPS. Please visit Our site colour cards and the list of distributors. Cost to refinish this model: from approximately 13.35 EUR

Knitting pattern for a dog sweater


The work is worked in the round from top to bottom. With 1 thread Fabel and 1 thread Alpaca on needles size 4, cast on 48-64-80 STS (small circular needle) and knit 4-6-8 cm 2 K2 / P2.

1 p knit row (here recorded the STS for the hood). Knit 1 row rib on next row, and each second 2 li.-game on 3 p increase = 54-72-90 STS. 6-10-14 cm the remaining 2 li.-games on 3 p increase = 60-80-100 M. Continue in rib (K2 / P3). Share 8-12-16 cm as follows: K2. cast off, the next 13-18-23 STS on a thread (= under the belly), K2. cast off. and the remaining 43-58-73 STS as before.

Knit rib over these STS (= back piece) until the piece measures 5-8-10 cm. Then put the STS on a thread.

Put the STS from the first stitch back on needle (13-18-23 STS under stomach) and 5-8-10 cm rib. Now put all STS on double pointed needles and between the parts 2 new STS cast on. = 60-80-100 M. Knitting rib as before until piece measures 19-27-34 cm.

Now the Middle 9-10-13 STS under the belly cast and now the work out and back finished knit. On both sides, with each 2 piece: 2 M. 2 times, 1 St 2-5-7 times, 2 STS 1 time and 3 STS 1 time. Afterwards the remaining STS. Piece measures approx 24-34-44 cm.

Around the opening 1 thread 36-52-64 STS with Fabel on double pointed needles size 3 and 3-5-7 cm rib (K2 / P2). Then re. about re. and p over p when Repeat on the other side.

The neck at the li St round against internal fold and in the p STS Inc 42-54-66 STS on circular needle size 3 mm with Fabel (not the 6-10-14 down at the neck STS). Knit 1 row and at the same time evenly 70-90-110 STS (i.e. 1 St knit and record in the 2 next). Stocking St with 3 each on both sides knit garter STS until piece measures 12-16-20 cm. Work not cast off but knit together and at the same time cast off.
Crochet border:

With Puddel around the hood and at the bottom of the sweater around the legs, crochet a border on crochet hook No. 6. As follows: 1 DC in first St, * skip 1 ch, 1 cm, 1 DC in the next St. *,.