How to Fly an Inverted RC Helicopter

Flying an RC helicopter is a hobby that can take years for master.The learning curve can be steep, especially in more advanced models.However, when you reach the top of the curve you can enjoy the flying tricks that amaze viewers and demonstrate your flying skill.One of the most visually exciting tricks to master is the inverted flight.Flying an inverted helicopter needs to flip the helicopter flying upside down, perform as you normally would.It is not as difficult as it sounds, but getting it to work takes practice and process knowledge.

How to Fly an Inverted RC Helicopter


  • Place the helicopter on a flat surface with a clearance of at least 250 feet for flight operations.
  • Lift the helicopter off the ground by applying light pressure forward on the gas stick on the transmitter.Continue to gain altitude by increasing the throttle until it is in steady flight about 5 feet off the ground.The helicopter maintains stable so that it becomes accustomed to the movements little necessary to maintain the flight stationary in local climatic conditions.Continue to gain height, keeping the helicopter stable and accentuated in a steady direction.
  • Move the cyclic stick on the radio transmitter forward to increase the forward angle of your helicopter and begin its forward movement.Increase the throttle to gain speed while angled forward and the helicopter begins to dive into a loop.Increase the angle and the helicopter will begin to roll forward and gaining altitude.Add more cyclic and the helicopter will jerk, aiming the rotor down.
  • As the helicopter rotates, they start by moving the throttle down so that you crash half throttle at the same time that the blades are horizontal to the ground.Move the lever down, creating a negative pitch to keep the helicopter hover in inverted mode.You will need the throttle placed at the same level or slightly lower in reverse mode as it was placed in positive mode in the up-stick direction.
  • Fly the helicopter in inverted mode by keeping a negative step on the accelerator to reverse the normal airflow that keeps the helicopter in normal mode.All other controls work the reverse of normal, so turn right, push the cyclic counterclockwise.Reverse the process to return the helicopter to the upright position.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice the procedure on a helicopter simulator to avoid crashing your helicopter on the first try.