How to Dry Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, here’s how to dry them perfectly . Here are the tricks and tips, products, techniques for dry curly hair to perfection and to have beautiful curls.

Who has the curly hair knows that dry them in order to have a good result, which is beautiful and fluffy curly, it is by no means a simple matter.

First of all, for dry curly hair is important to moisturize well the hair. How? With a good conditioner formulated specifically for curly hair. Found a good conditioner that works well on your hair: a good product is Pantene Pro-V perfect curls but, in any case, the curls are hydrated well because most of the other hair tends to Frizz.

Once you get out of the shower, obviously you have a habit of putting his head down and rub your hair with the towel. Don’t do it! Instead, blot hair gently with the towel you will eliminate frizz and nodes, the biggest enemies of curly hair.

And we come to drying: curly hair are naturally dried with less heat as possible and, if they were treated with straightening products, plates or aggressive folds, expect the Bill in terms of Frizz. Dates to curly hair time to rehydrate with good masks and body wraps. Remember curly hate excessive heat and for this reason must be dried, when possible, naturally and calmly. You must not attack the curly hair with powerful heat sources, as this will only make them dry. Then use a good heat protection product before drying.

The speaker is essential and we must use it in small doses and at low temperature. Better to use an Ionic diffuser because restructures and repairs the hair. Dried before the tips and then bring small amounts of hair from bottom to top, laying them on the roots of the hair. Lean the diffuser and dry a little hold at that point, if possible with warm air. Now you can make the hairstyle for curly hair that you like.

Let’s say that you’ll need about fifteen minutes to dry curly hairs, ask4beauty advises you not rush and treat your curls with caution. Ah, do not be angry with them, are very sensitive and a real beauty if they are treated well!