How to Dress Up Like Punk Rock

Knowing how to dress punk is one of the worries of modern fashion victims, especially since this gritty style and timeless accomplished in 2016 its 40th anniversary. Since the late 70’s in fact this revolutionary subculture has made ​​its way into the world of music, fashion and costume, coming up to the present in more and more original interpretations of the luxury fashion house. Let’s see some style tips for a perfect look in punk style.

The history of punk style

The punk subculture is spreading in the world since the late ’70s. At the beginning of the decade the punk rock music makes its appearance in the United States, particularly in Detroit and New York, but it is 1976 the year when bands like the computerminus, the Ramones, the Clash and Dead Boys lead to success of the genre set to change ideologies, history and custom. One of the initiators of punk style was the then young fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, wife of the future Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, who in 1975 invented a whimsical look for the band, since then become iconic and distributed in its stores Sex and Let It Rock. Punk English word meaning “poor quality, two-bit”, to indicate the new way of life of young Americans and Europeans then in this period.

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Associated quickly to a concept of personal freedom and creative not subjected to any form of social control, religious, or by other forms of authority, the punk subculture with all its internal classifications affect all types of art, from the visual to the literature, coming rapidly to leave an indelible mark in the fashion world.

The punk fashion

The punk fashion characterizes us to its origins as a rejection of fashion established canon, soon developing their characters and very successful. Heir of70s fashion, punk style destroys the bourgeois style and rewards torn clothes, t-shirts with prints and the written anarchist, the ubiquitous Dr Martens bootsyou had in those years a large spread, chains, piercings and studs all- over clothing products and accessories. Quickly becomes a point of reference theleather jacket-style biker, the nail still much loved by women today.

Realize trendy look with punk inspiration leaders is not as difficult: matchingshorts shorts and tights blacks to your amphibians favorite, add a black leather jacket with metal hardware showy and you’re done. Another classic of this mood is the tartan, which you can choose to skirts to coordinate with crop top and stockings with tears.

If you love fantasy, you can also bet on flannel shirts to match with blacks jeans and leggings, while if you want to give your outfit a more personal touch, then space in black tulle skirts of boots from big buckles, such as those that populate the collections Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. As an alternative to the nail skin can opt for a parka military chic, perfect garment combined with pants or leather skirts black.

Punk Accessories

The punk look is complemented by accessories equally extravagant.

In the field of footwear close-up on creepers, lace and ankle boots with very high still very popular today in the rubber sole of the big brands collections.Amphibians and sneakers have a prominent place, especially the modelsConverse All Star, label that has its own dedicated this year to the Sex Pistols of a limited edition version of his famous footwear. You can match your shoes to your look without too many restrictions, the mix and match is the rule in this style: the creepers are perfect with tights and short skirts, sneakers enhance the outfits more aggressive, especially in versions with studs along the surface. Also for the betting exchanges on models from large metal applications, studs, or safety pins that you can add yourself to personalize your model. For bijouxawarded earrings and necklaces with large pendants, preferably with pointed shapes, as shown you pictures of our photo gallery.

Il make up in stile punk

Make up and hair style are key in a look-style punk. The trick rewards eyes heavily surrounded by black eyeliner, pencil and mascara and red lips in vampire style. In our photo gallery you will see different types of make up eccentric inspired by punk fashion, with smokey eyes that comes to cover the base of the eyebrows, very sharp contrasts between games eyeshadows andlipsticks in always lit colors, including purple and cobalt blue.

Leave at home ridges preposterous in Mohican style outmoded, and betting instead on temporary dyes in lively colors like magenta and hot pink. Choose voluminous hairstyles or hairstyle collected complemented by strands fixed with hairspray, and you will be perfectly in line with the punk fashion trend.