How to Dress Oval Body Shapes?

Your round shape poses some problems for you dress yourself? Not sure you highlight in your clothes? Do not panic! Your body type O may be appealing as well as the A, H or X. You shapes, generous chest, a round stomach, round shoulders, in this case draw attention where are your strengths: a pretty neckline, beautiful legs … Follow our tips to feel good in your clothes!

Morphology O: How to Value Your Upper Body?

To enhance your figure O, it is essential to follow three basic rules: favoring fluid materials, the dark and monochromatic colors and cover his arms. Basically, do not emphasize your curves with patterns or too slinky materials. For your tops, so opt for straight cuts, or structured light that fall on your hips or on top of your thighs. Neckline side, boat neck or square neck are perfect for your morphology, like the V neck light, if you have a generous bust. If your size is well designed, with a corset for example, you can also fall for the peplum top that will mask the size of your hips. For outerwear, choose long cuts (minimum under the buttocks) and straight or slightly curved. Best to wear open to look thinner.

Morphology O: How to Dress Your Lower Body?

Without hesitation, the trousers ideal morphology O is the right pants included on thedresswizard. Avoid slim that would strengthen the imbalance between the upper and lower body. Beware of pirates and gauchos who cut the figure and draw attention to the thighs. Instead, opt for pants that reveal just 7/8 rights ankle. The models in the flare or bootcut cutting also suitable for your figure as the balance. For cutting, prefer high sizes that encompass the buttocks and stomach and avoid making unsightly demarcation on hips. Dress side, opt for fluid materials, shape empire right or portfolio. As for skirts, dresses and shorts, choose lengths that go to the knees and not above! If you hold the shock, wear high heels which refine the silhouette.

What I Need to Banish from My Dressing

You’ll understand for your body type O, exit clothing that sheathe! Say goodbye also to horizontal stripes and other pervasive pattern and the flashy fabrics. The belt is also one of the worst enemies of silhouettes round  because it highlights the “width” and made ​​a demarcation. Get rid of clothes frilly, pleated, baggy, balloons, all that can add volume to your silhouette. It is also believed to too wide trousers. Finally, avoid mini-skirts and mini shorts, even with leggings!