How to Dress in Summer?

2 / Opt for light colors

As mentioned in the introduction, light-colored clothes retain less heat. We can build on this classic that is the white shirt but also shades of light blue and more broadly on pastel colors. Whatever your choice, it is always easier to associate a light shirt with a suit and tie to match.

3 / To choose a looser fit

If you are usually adept in slim fit, prefer a loose fit for your summer shirts. It can is a semi cut slim for some brands to traditional straight cut that will have air to circulate better. Otherwise, try to choose an optimal tissue.

4 / If his sleeves

In warm weather, you can afford to roll up the sleeves. It avoids against loosening at the same time out of the tie and the shirt does not look too neglected either. And attention from the time you turned up your sleeves, you can not turn back because the sleeves are hopelessly wrinkled.

5 / Exit shirt

If you can afford a casual outfit / look good with your shirt for example with pants in chino type of fabric, you can consider it out of the pants. By cons, do so if and only if its length reaches mid-buttocks. This is the case of some more casual shirts. A classic shirt has against relatively long tails that can well keep the shirt into pants, which will affect the visual aesthetics of your outfit if you go out.

The Suit

1 / Choose the right fabric

Linen is a lightweight fabric, cool to the touch but more wrinkle than cotton. It is often a false good idea unless you have a luxury fabric and good deals. Wool through its thermo and hydro regulating properties remains an excellent choice even in summer! The ideal is to select one that weighs between 225 grams and 260 grams (measured indication m2)

Laines fresco 

Fresco is a reality cloth from wool twisted son who once woven enable an airy weave. We recognize that tissue as rough to the touch but extremely light and airy. It also has an interesting property, namely that little creases. It is generally found little ready-to-wear but more frequently in half measure marks.

Mohair wool

Mohair is a goat wool which has the advantage of being very light and airy. We find by against by in ready-to-wear suits because it is a relatively expensive material. So it will be half measure and usually in admixture of another wool

“Used in very light fabrics Mohair is also capable of removing the skin from moisture and gives a feeling of freshness” Chris von Martial, tailor


If flax is an ideal material for the summer, some consider it too crumples to be worn elegantly. Difficult but not impossible if one chooses a linen very good quality. I am very happy the costume that I had done last year at Chris Von Martial. Although actually it carries more easily at less formal occasions like a summer and rustic wedding or fashion-week in Italy.


Another alternative, the suit seersucker. This cotton fabric has a texture that allows the air to circulate better and easier to keep cool. Aesthetically it is more a fabric that allows for very pretty costumes in a rural wedding spirit!


Silk is a fiber end silkworm discovered by the Chinese. It will be imported by the Roman Empire to the VIth century. Also popular in France, the silk industry is growing at Lyon from sixteenth. The Lyon region remains an important watershed in the manufacture of silk fabrics. Very light, silk lends itself well to making clothes for summer. It is used most often to supplement other materials as in the example below this blazer with silk (52%) and flax (48%).

 2 / The Right Colors

In summer, opt for a blue suit (dark blue to blue depending on the degree of formality of the occasion), a light gray suit rather than dark gray tones in brown and light brown.

3 / The Ideal Cut

In summer, the cut is less conveniently close to the body and unlined jackets. A choice that can be more easily realized when a suit tailored in ready-to-wear because in recent years, the trend is bent. However, exceptions exist.

4 / Breaking Jacket

To avoid unnecessarily warm, and wrinkle your jacket, or drop the jacket while traveling. By car, you can place it on its length on the rear deck or put on a hanger hooked to the grab handle. In transport, hang on your arm for a short trip, or fold in half by filing gently.

The T-shirt

In some professions, including creative, wearing the shirt is not essential and a t-shirt can be tolerated. So let the case of t-shirts, which even beyond the exceptional formal wear accompany our daily in casual contexts. In most cases, the t-shirts are made of 100% cotton. However, there are a few linen models with superior ventilation properties.

1 / A T-shirt united rather than graphic

Beware t-shirts message we wore in high school or at a concert. Attention also to graphics too heavy or too shocking. Prefer their united t-shirts, made in a beautiful material, with good care, which are more elegant if you have the opportunity to wear them to work. Anyway, we tend to think that this rule applies even in your life outside work even if in different situations, you can indulge in more fancy.

2 / More notched collar

The T-Shirt round neck obviously remains a reference that the majority will in the summer. Only one can advocate wearing a slightly scooped neck (without of course up a model that will make you a participant of reality show) or the V neck for amateurs. The main benefit will be to let your neck ventilated.

3 / Sufficient

In summer, you sweat, especially under the arms and lower back. This sweating is your t-shirt that absorbs it.Thus, it is advisable to change it every day in the interests of hygiene (and respect for others in some cases).

The Polo

If your job allows, you can opt for polo port whose degree of elegance is located halfway between the shirt and the shirt. This may be a perfect outfit for the famous “casual day”. It then focuses on solid colors, good materials and beautiful cuts for rendering impeccable.


While it is never easy to consider wearing the pants in hot weather days, some are unfortunately forced. We tend to prefer wearing the chino than the jeans, much thicker, although some models are cut from finer fabrics.

1 / A summer chino

The chinos has a major advantage over other types of trousers: it can be found in different styles and in a variety of colors. For formal wear, we proceed towards a stylish model that will with a blazer and which will be chosen in a sober color (beige, light gray, navy). In the case of jobs for more flexibility of dress, you can dare more gays other colors such as red, mustard yellow or pale blue, as well as models to more casual style.

The most important thing to remember of course respect the fabric. Touch it upstream or alternatively, send a message to the customer service to determine its thickness, as this can vary between models.

2 / A summer jeans

Wearing jeans still favored by many followers who did would remove it for the world. If your job allows, stay all even in sober colors and washes avoid too marked. You can still afford shades of light blue. Keep in mind, however, crude remains the choice as boilerplate. As for the choice of Chino, there are a wide variety of tissue thickness. Take this into account when buying.

The Short

Short is sometimes permitted for certain people practicing a profession that does not require formal attire. This is obviously the ideal piece for optimal ventilation of legs. They may be less easily than casual models, however some features may make shorts quite elegant. Halfway between the suit and shorts and casual, it features just like a stylish chino belt to button placket, a satin fabric and discrete welt pockets. It can be worn with a blazer, shirt and a pair of derbies calf-velvet (suede).

The Shoes

1 / formal models

If you must wear a suit, derbies or richelieux remain essential. In summer, if you have the urge to wear them without socks to “as in look books”, know that this is a (very) bad idea! Not only will you have sore feet but more sweat will ruin your shoes (and also annoy your colleagues). The trick to know: to equip low sock that is also called “invisible” because they can be worn without it shows. Visually you will have the impression that you do not wear socks but with the comfort and more.

On a more casual look, you can wear desert boots (preferably unlined) or a nice pair of white sneakers. The suede moccasins have the advantage to be worn without socks. If you tend to sweat however, we recommend you to place a little talcum powder every morning in the bottom of your shoes.

2 / If sneakers

It depends on your job, but it is sometimes allowed to wear sneakers, time they remain sober. If once this type of model was reserved for an elite, they are now more widespread and therefore findable in a wider price range. So choose a model of solid color, not logoed and minimalist. To have a better idea, we advise you to rely on models that offers a brand like Common Projects.

The accessories

1 / Glasses

If an accessory is important in the summer, it is the pair of sunglasses. Our first tip is all about choosing his glasses in the shape of his face. Then comes the case of the color of his horse that you can associate with your complexion, or a pleasant change if you have multiple pairs. Keep in mind that this is an accessory that you can keep for many years. Thus, we recommend you pick one quality.

2 / Hats

Formerly, summer hats offered only can shape choices. This is no longer the case today, and then we can find very fancy models. However, we tend to think that panama remains king. Made of straw, this hat is very light and elegant. It is often found in a color “ivory”, which is his original. By cons, it does not wear a suit, but may seoir to formal moments do not necessarily require this type of outfit. There is also the boater who keeps all its pedigree and begins to rebuild its appearance more importantly, and trilby straw, representing the casual hat par excellence.

3 / Bag and wallets: how to wear her things?

In summer, fewer pockets available. This makes it complicated to carry a thick wallets discreetly. The solution here is twofold: either take a sack or you gripe about the contents of his usual daily need taking only the bare essentials in a card holder.