How to Dress a Pear Type Body?

What to wear when you have a morphology A?

Morphology A, also named pyramid, is most common in women. You make you as part if you have the top of the menu body (shoulders, chest, abdomen) and plump buttocks and hips, so hip width exceeds that of the shoulders. This silhouette is very feminine judging by the “sexiness” of Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez but it is still necessary to know well the dress. The purpose of dressing the pyramid morphologies is to harmonize the silhouette by drawing attention to the upper body and concealing the shapely bottom. Follow our morphologies and fashion advice for A.

Morphology A: Top, Up to the Eccentricity!

The secret of the wardrobe silhouettes in A lies in rebalancing the upper body with the bottom. In other words, you need to divert attention from your hips and your ass to transfer it to your upper body (chest, neck, shoulders …). To do that, anything goes. Go to bottom: LED necklace, brooches, scarves flashy, everything is good to draw the eye upwards. Feel free to plunging necklines, draped collar, square, boat, and even pleated bustiers. For blouses, prefer the open and wide neck for larger bust. Do not forget to highlight your shoulders in summer with thin straps and winter, with shoulder pads or puffed sleeves. For outerwear, choose them with curved shoulder to structure your shoulders. Finally, trust one of the allies silhouettes A tunic “hide buttocks.”

Morphology A: Down, You Have to Erase

If anything goes up, down, that’s another story. To emphasize the lower body of a morphologies in A, avoid emphasize the hips. The trick lies primarily in the colors. Wear dark colors down and flashy colors on top. Then, adopt straight cuts, both in trousers, in jeans or skirt. The boot cut trousers are also perfect for your figure, as they rebalance the lower body. As for dresses, draw in straight dresses and little dresses in, flared at the hips or waist empire. Skater dress is also a perfect fit for your figure.

What to Avoid with a Morphology A

In short, to harmoniously dress your figure A, banish your wardrobe skirts or pants with horizontal stripes and balls skirts that will amplify the effect wide hips. Spread too high too flared peplum that would emphasize your hips and buttocks as well as skinny jeans or jeggings pants as too ready body. Finally, avoid the colorful look that balance the silhouette. Hold it up with colored top and dark bottom.