How to Create a Room Montessori for Your Child

Want to create a room montessori for your child but don’t quite know how? Follow our 5 essential tips on how to create a room montessori and goal to work.

How to Create a Room Montessori for Your Child

Want to know how to create a room montessori for your child? Then you should know that the room should be structured according to the perspective of your child and not his.

Developed by the educator, doctor and the first woman in Italy graduate in medicine, Maria Montessori, method of montessori proposes the creation of an environment that is appropriate and productive for the development of children.

Also according to the method created by Maria Montessori, children should be able to move freely and safely through your environment, so as to explore what is at your fingertips.

Of course, the most important of this method is the choice of materials or colors, but allow the child to be able to free your true nature, promoting their development and evolution.

In a room montessori, the child should feel stimulated and able to learn through experience, developing a spontaneous, creative, and healthy.


1. BED

Replace the cot bed for a very short or, in the alternative, place the mattress on the floor.

The crib is a limiter for the movements of your children. This way, your child will have more freedom and independence to stand up and lie down when you want, being even more safe.

To the side of the mattress, place some cushions or a rug fluffy, to cushion the fall, if your child decides to slide from the bed to the floor.


One of the important points when talking about how to create a room montessori is to create the conditions for the storage. But let your son decide where you want to tidy up what, not everything that makes the most sense to you, makes up for it also.

You should have the freedom to arrange their own things, and thus when the want to use know exactly where they are.

If you are not sure of the height to which you must put on racks or shelves, try to crawl by your child’s room to see how difficult it would be if everything were too high, out of reach.


From the photos, the frames, the mirrors… everything should be up to the look of your child.

When you place them on the wall, remember that you are not at your height that should put, but to his. After all, is to assemble a room montessori for the better development of your child, right?

Also shelves, chairs and stools, small armchairs, desks… everything should be in proportion to your child.


The decoration of the room of your child should be the more simple and minimalist. Do not overdo the amount of furniture that you will purchase, choose only by the necessary.

In addition, also avoid the exaggeration of toys.

The toys should be hand-sowing, so that your child can pick them whenever you want.


Important for the development of each child are the visual stimuli and sound, so you must put in the bedroom music, preferably classical, a mobile over the bed, a mirror that, according to Maria Montessori, the child realize that it is a distinct person from the mother, among others. All of this without exaggeration.

You should still use all of the materials that provide safety to your child, such as rubber mats, eva, or shag, to feel the comfort while moving around at your space to explore.

As you have seen it is easy to know how to create a room montessori. The your child’s room is a place of rest, but also of development, experience and adventure, so you should leave free space for your child to be able to explore and develop skills such as concentration.