How to Choose Wallet

Christmas is coming up and everyone is not necessarily gift to please his father, brother, boyfriend, or even his distant cousin!

We have prepared a selection of wallets for you at Here are some tips helping you to choose a wallet. To get it right, follow the guide!

The essential accessory that we carry for years

Since college, we all have a wallet, Yes Yes, that it hung in his pants with a string… Times have changed but there’s a (fashion) accessory indispensable for man. Now, it drags him everywhere, in his jacket pocket, in her purse, in his jeans, etc. Imagine the scene: you’re at a restaurant, dressed super class, ready for anything to impress your date… And, when paying, you get a mess that’s falling apart. Hahem, no, it doesn’t.

How to Choose Wallet

Throw his old wallet, we know it’s difficult pacr it attaches quickly to these things here. Why choose a new, all so nice and fitting with your style, is quite complicated. Fortunately, we have some ideas to make your job easier.

Ask the right questions for better choose

Before going any further, ask yourself this question: “that will-I keep? Between us, when you took this loyalty card in the store where you are never returned, is it really useful to always have on you?

Don’t worry, there is something for everyone, whether you like to lug all your cards, coins and notes or just the bare minimum (CB / ID / license).

Second step: how are you going to wear your wallet: in your jeans, in the pocket of your jacket in a bag… Don’t worry, we will help you find a wallet in your pocket.

To walk around with the bare minimum

For gentlemen who settle for the bare minimum and prefer to have their affairs in a trouser or jacket pocket. There is no need to bother with a huge wallet, these small wallets, wallets and holders of different materials and shapes, are your best allies.

To have your whole life with you

You are part of the men who need to always have on them 50 loyalty cards, credit card, the permit, proof of identity, money, tickets boxes and company?

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