How to Choose the Best Sports Bra

A few days ago I mentioned you guidelines to choose the best shoes for running. You can see the post here. Today I am going to indicate guidelines for the choice of a sports bra right, essential to avoid the premature fall of chest and prevent injury.

According to agooddir, when choosing a sports bra, it is important to take into account 2 fundamental factors, the size of the breast and the type of exercise that you go to:

1.size chest

If your chest is small, choose compact fasteners type top, on the other hand if your chest is big choose those that keep your separate chest holding each breast individually.

Exercise 2.machine

Not all exercises have the same impact on the mammary glands, for example yoga, bicycling or walking the impact light over the chest and can even with larger breasts make this activity with a compact top, however exercises like running, playing tennis, boxing or riding are activities with great impact on the chest requiring the maximum fastening to prevent their premature collapse.

Others tospectos to take into account

Other important aspects to consider are to be comfortable, made with breathable fabrics and well absorbing the sweat caused by physical activity. You must also replace it as soon notes that elastic begins to recede.

As with athletic shoes, you must spare no expense when purchasing a good sports bra to prevent the unsightly fall of breasts. Then I leave some pictures with examples of fasteners sports suitable for each activity and/or breast Anatomy: