How to Choose LED Bulbs

Choose the led bulb according to his needs

The led bulb is the new generation of bulbs for lighting in the House. Solution Economical and ecological, has led bulb remains an object to the following special features the different existing models. There are indeed several categories of units of led bulbs (including gu10, gu5.3, E14, E27, B22) with powers to replace all types of bulbs.

How to Choose LED Bulbs3

Today, it is sometimes difficult to make a comparison between the old models of light bulbs and led bulbs because standards have changed (we talk about power in lumen and no more more watt). So we will help you, in a few points, to choose the most economic bulb has led that best suits your interior and exterior lighting needs.

Led bulb: A base adapted to your lighting equipment

The units of the bulbs led is standard, you choose the nerve corresponding to your bulb to replace among those offered by Led Flash.

The spots and led light bulbs offered by Led Flash are divided into 5 main categories:

  • GU10
  • 3
  • E27
  • E14
  • B22

It is also important to take into account the power of the led bulb. the Led flash site allows you to select the equivalent power in watt to be sure to choose the led bulb that fits your needs.

Led bulbs allow you to perform energy savings thanks to a lower electricity consumption. The cost of your bulb will be higher or lower depending on its power and the desired model. It is worth noting that all of our led bulbs are guaranteed with periods of guarantee up to 10 years.

Led bulb: what type of lighting do you need?

It is also important to choose your bulb has led depending on the lighting you want for your room. This must be taken into account, because depending on the shape of the beam of your light bulb, your room will be more or less well lit.

For example, some led lights have a corner called ‘closed ‘. These bulbs have a maximum angle of 30 ° illumination, not allowing to illuminate optimally your parts because the light is too concentrated. This type of bulb allows for a light beam going away but with a more limited lighting surface. These spots are particularly suited to highlight a painting or a work of art.

It is therefore interesting to take into account the angle of diffusion when buying your led bulb. This information is present on each of our product listings.

Want to learn all of the led bulb ranges proposed by the teams of Led Flash? So do not hesitate, contact directly our teams, to help you make the best choice in terms of light bulbs has led to your lighting projects.