How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Choose his sleeping bag, to forward all to evaluate the conditions in which you will use it most of the time. A good night’s sleep worth to widen a little head.


  • Define the terms of use of the sleeping bag
  • Regular use of your sleeping bag temperatures
  • Weight of your sleeping bag
  • Your sleeping bag filling: down or synthetic?
  • The insulation and the compression of the sleeping bag
  • Finishes and accessories

Define the terms of use of the sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is one of the essential elements of the camper kit. To choose your sleeping bag, set the weather conditions you’ll be generally facing is crucial (climate, very cold, hot, dry cold, wet season etc.).

Moreover, whether or not you will have to carry your sleeping bag (route in complete autonomy, or in contrast snowmobile outing), weight can become crucial.

Regular use of your sleeping bag temperatures

With regard to temperatures, know that in trade, up to four temperature indications can be proposed. That must be your reference is the comfort temperature. It corresponds to the temperature at which you can actually sleep.

The other three, “extreme”, and for some manufacturers “limit” and “maximum”, give indications that include no notion of comfort.

The extreme temperature corresponds to a sleep in condition of extreme survival: beyond this temperature survival may be compromised.

The so-called temperature “limit” is the lowest temperature at which a person can sleep without feeling the cold.

Finally, in contrast, the “temperature” is the temperature at which an individual can sleep without sweating hot.
If the extreme temperature is-15 ° C, mean so that the conditions of survival will be limited at this temperature, although sleep is possible.

Weight of your sleeping bag

In the case of a hike over several days with many bivouacs, the weight of the sleeping bag will be an important parameter to take into account. If we consider the report weight / temperature, down bags are needed.

Many manufacturers offer less than a kilo bags, for comfort temperatures under 0 ° C. Of course, more your comfort temperature will be low your bag will be heavy.

Your sleeping bag filling: down or synthetic?

According to PimaSleepingBags, synthetic sleeping bags for kids keep their abilities of insulation even in wet conditions.

Compared to quilts, they are slightly cheaper to equal performance, but don’t last as long. Last low point, they are larger than the duvets (that will compress more easily) and are heavier.

Less resistant to moisture than its synthetic counterpart, the down sleeping bag displays an optimal lightness. It will compress easily, but displays often more expensive than synthetic.

If your priorities are resistance to moisture and a small price, the synthetic is your ally. But if you prefer to enjoy maximum comfort and a lightweight, so choose rather down.

The insulation and the compression of the sleeping bag

To encourage a comfort in sleep, the sarcophagus sleeping bags (often called “sarco”) marry the forms of the body. Wider at the top than at the bottom, their design allows withstand extreme temperatures.

Be aware that more a down sleeping bag is large, it is insulating. Theindex Fill Power (FP), cuin or cubic inches, used to measure this ability. It is high over the sleeping bag will be insulating: cuins 750 or 800 are considered to be extremely efficient.

Pour optimiser optimize the qualities of your bag sleeping, plan to use a carpet of ground very insulating. The self-inflating models are the most effective in most situations. Here again arises on the other hand the issue of weight and space.

Finishes and accessories

When it’s cold, a sleeping bag with an anti-cold bead, which prevents the cold through the top is a good asset.

If you hesitate between several models, take the model that matches with the colder temperatures.

However, if you brave the cold weather that exceptionally, keep in mind you can use inner Thermolite in bags like for example bags Reactor more than Sea to Summit. In addition to your sleeping bag, these bags to gain a few precious degrees: a good alternative.