How to Care for Your shoes without Spending a Fortune

How to care for your shoes without spending a fortune. A good shoe is the best friend of women who do not possess diamonds. In this article will you have teach how to care for your shoes and lengthen your life at home.

It is essential that each person invested well in a good shoe, they are responsible for holding your feet and them to you. Fine shoes are generally fragile and to keep them requires a bit more time, just to put into practice the following tricks:


It is a little annoying to walk with new shoes and we have to try to go as well, until they take the shape of our feet, but luckily there are some tricks that we will be of great help.

* Take two handkerchiefs and wet it with alcohol, then put a handkerchief in each shoe and leave it overnight, so the skin of the footwear is moistened and the next day they will feel much better.

* If you don’t have time to wait for the night, don’t worry. Use your shoes with socks or stockings wet, that form will prevent walking as espinado chicken.

* If your shoes or boots are made of a too-thin leather, you can maybe soften them with a thin layer of linseed or castor oil. Apply oil to all leather shoes and leave it overnight. The next day apply wax as does regularly to regain its luster.

* If you came home with wet shoes ever do them dry to strong sunlight or a strong heat, because they become too hard. It is ideal to place in the center of shoes newspaper so that it will absorb the moisture and allow drying alone.

* Another way to dry wet shoes is by heating in the microwave slightly oatmeal and fill their shoes. The hot oatmeal not only will absorb excess moisture, but it also will help maintain the shape of the shoes. At the end, don’t vote oats, rather put it to dry and again for use in the next time that you wet your footwear.


In a little vinegar wet brush and then in wax, then brush your footwear and allow the product to sit about two or three minutes. Finally rub your shoes with a cloth of wool and ready. If your shoes have varnish, you can return you shine by rubbing it with a little petroleum jelly. If you don’t have much time to rub them both, don’t worry. Only place a drop of oil in the dinner and use it to brush your vintage footwear.


If you messed shoes and spend all the time on the ground, as the more correct way to clean depends on quite the material with which they are made.

* If they are leather, mix in a cup of water one tablespoon of chlorine and with spray apply the mixture on the shoes. Then remove the dirt with a dry cloth, immediately apply the wax.

* If the shoes are suede should be careful. It is advisable by to apply the powder stain and leave it overnight. The next day, use a brush that is special for suede.

* If they are cloth you can clean with a toothbrush and carpet shampoo. If this does not work, I recommend that you wash them in the machine or in the overhead compartment of the dishwasher. Finally put them to dry in the Sun.