How to Apply Red Lipstick

Today, the red lipstick is one of the great successes of the makeup. In its various shades possible, it can be used by women with different skin tones and leaves look powerful without much work. But to use it and make beautiful is to know how to apply it correctly. Check out:

  • To pass the red lipstick, firstly, a preparation of flawless skin, because your lips vibrant highlight the face, so if they’re apparent some little spots or other imperfections, the visual may not be legal. Use a good foundation, Concealer, powder to remove the extra brightness, bronzer to define the traits and a make suitable in the eyes. Just a shadow nude with delineated black and mascara can be enough.
  • Now, at the time of application of the lipstick the lips are in perfect condition, so before makeup, do an exfoliation and moisturizing. Apply a balm in your mouth for a few minutes before to keep lips smooth. Then, delete the mouth passing a concealer with a brush. After, apply a pencil in the same color of lipstick to set the limits of the lips. The lipstick should be at the Centre of this outline.
  • With a brush to apply lipstick, pass the product on the lips, respecting the contour. Use a paper towel to remove excess by squeezing it in your mouth. Reapply the lipstick, can be directly putting product on the lips even. Then, come with the same brush to apply the concealer, even with the waste product, and around the mouth, leaving the lips and cleaned around. highlighted

This step by step serves to any shade of lipstick, especially for the vibrant. Change only the pencil for a color equal to like lipstick being applied.
To illustrate further this post worth watching the video below teaching step by step of how to pass the red lipstick without blurring.