How do Your Children Choose Their Toys?

Imagine the scene: 30 children abandoned in a huge toy store, free to choose the 3 products they would dream to have for Christmas. It’s the friendly experience led Toys ‘R’ Us on October 26 on the occasion of a new study. The opportunity to discover the criteria that motivate their choice…

One could imagine that our little ones would throw themselves on the most expensive items in the store, but there is nothing. “Ben, pff, me for now on my list I think I have these three there, and so well, I think that it’s not too expensive”, saysAmélie. Aware or not of the crisis, the price is all important in the children’s choice criteria.

The study also found that children choose toys that highlight their personalities. Thus, Amélie, justifying his choice of the workshop Mini delight (best sales this year): “because I like doing things accurate and meticulous (…) and also I like to decorate”.” According to the sociologist Gilles Brougère “this identity dimension explains the phenomena of fashion”, as evidenced by this quote from Jasmine about Monster High, one of the big successes of this year: “Ca inspired me because I, I like… I like that I like most, especially since I too love Monster High! “.” If little is certainly influenced by the group it streamlines its choice in relating it to individual tastes.

This experience led by Toys ‘R’ Us has also demonstrated that television impacted even more the choice of the children that they are a little older. More impulsive, small express less reasoned choices. Derivative games from television series or film sagas also have a real impact on children: ” I don’t like the film and the Lego ben it’s a bit the same.”They resume the episodes of the film then… “, says Hilaire about Lego Starwars.”

You will therefore understand, choose a toy, it does not happen randomly. But rest assured, if the list of father Christmas is not fully respected, Octavia can assure: “it’s still what he brought us” !