How do you get your Bluetooth speakers sound better?

A good thing about Bluetooth speakers is that you can use them to learn about how a space size and acoustics affect the sound quality of a speaker. Experiments with the location, and you will quickly learn that the place where you put the speaker in a room, can mean a big difference in the sound. It applies to all speakers, but because Bluetooth speakers are small and light, it is easier to move them around.

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Start by æette the speaker on the floor in the middle of the room, and you will hear the bass more powerfully than when the speaker stands on a table.

Try to put the loudspeaker in a corner, on the floor, and it will give even more bass. After this, you can try to put it on a table in the corner, and you will experience a lack of treble, but the speaker will probably sound better a few metres from the corner. Move the speaker for each wall of the room, at the same height, and see if a wall sounds better than the other. A little experiment that can give surprising results.

If you move the loudspeaker from a great place for a small space, and does not adjust the volume knob, you will be amazed at how much higher the speaker sounds.

Of course, you can try the same experiment with speakers with wires – it’s just a little more difficult, but definitely well worth the effort. The better speaker, the more differences you will hear when you change positions, and the changes will be more noticeable with stereo speakers (BT speakers are almost always mono or a singel-speaker system).
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